16th_to_21st June, 2002

Second Circular


February 2002


The Sixteenth Caribbean Geological Conference will be held in Bridgetown, Barbados in June 2002 under the auspices of the Energy and Natural Resources Division of the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Natural Resources. The Conference is dedicated to the exchange of information on all aspects of Caribbean Geology.



All communications should be addressed to:


Leslie Barker
General Coordinator
16th Caribbean Geological Conference
Energy and Natural Resources Division
c/o National Petroleum Corporation Building
Wildey, St. Michael,

Tel: (246) 429-8726 Fax: (246) 436-6004


Participating Members US $150.00

Participating Students US $ 80.00

Non-participating Members US $ 65.00

These fees are payable before March 30, 2002. A late registration fee of US $20.00 will be payable for registration after this date. Refunds of pre-registration fees will be made for cancellations done before May 15, 2002. Participants, non-participants and students will receive transactions. Registration fees cover the costs of field trip guide books, programmes, book of abstracts, and the final transactions.

Please make all cheques payable to "The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of the Environment."



1 . The subject matter of the papers should relate to some aspect of Caribbean Geosciences.

2. Abstracts of papers may be submitted in English, Spanish or French, but should include an English summary. All abstracts (300 words maximum) should be presented in English and should be submitted before February 28th, 2002.

3. It is preferred if abstracts are sent in a digital format as Microsoft Word or Acrobat Reader submitted either by e-mail or diskette.

4. Oral presentations will be of a maximum duration of 20 minutes; five minutes will be allowed for discussion, and a further five minutes between speakers.

5. It is hoped that the Conference will be conducted in a series of symposia devoted to specific themes. Possible topics may be (but are no way restricted to ):

Caribbean Stratigraphy and Sedimentology

Palaeontology and Palaeoecology

Igneous Petrology and Volcanology

Structural Geology, metamorphism and tectonics

Accretionary Prisms

IGCP Project 433: Caribbean Plate Tectonics

Recent Carbonates

Hydrocarbons in the Caribbean

Industrial Minerals Geology

Metalliferous deposits

Environmental geology and hydrogeology

Application of geology to modern cultural problems.

Speleology; Hydrogeology; Coastal conservation, etc.


Simultaneous sessions may be held depending on the number of papers selected for presentation. Space will be allocated for Poster sessions


The conference will be held at the Sherbourne Conference Center, which is a modern state-of-the-art center with facilities for hosting large conventions (over 4000 people).

Modern presentation facilities such as overhead projection, powerpoint presentation, etc. will be available in each room. Computers will support Windows 98/2000 and either 3_ floppy disk, 250MB zip disk or CD Rom.

There will be simultaneous presentation for at least two sessions at a time.


Accommodation will be available at the following hotels, from which bus transportation to the conference center will be provided daily. All participants should contact the hotels directly for reservations. Participants are, however, free to make bookings elsewhere.

All prices are quoted in U.S. dollars.


1. Time Out at the Gap 246-420-5021

3 star hotel

Single Double

$74 $88 + 17.5% tax - standard

$81 $95 " - superior

$91 $105 " - deluxe

*Superior and Deluxe double rooms can hold 1 and 2 more persons respectively at an additional cost of $15 per person.


2. Rainbow Reef Beach Hotel 246-428-5110

3 star hotel

1 bedroom suite $115 + 17.5% tax

garden view studio ­single occ $80 "

garden view studio ­ dbl occ $90

pool view studio $85 "

standard hotel rooms ­ single occ $65 "

Reservations can be made online at www.rainbowreef.com



3. Casuarina Beach Club 246-428-3600

3 1/2 star hotel

Single /Double $82 + 17.5% tax

Breakfast can be provided for an additional $10 per day.


4. Dover Beach Apartment Hotel 246-428-8076

3 star hotel

Single Double

$75 $90 + 17.5% - deluxe

$80 $90 " - ocean view

$70 $80 " - garden view


5. Sandy Beach Island Resort 246-435-8000

3 star hotel

Single Double

$82 $94 + 10% service charge + 15% VAT - standard

$125 $137 " - 1 bedroom suite

Breakfast included


*Caricom rates available for Caricom citizens. (No breakfast included).

Single Double

$68 $68 + 10% service charge + 15% VAT- standard (no view)

$104 " - 1 bedroom suite

$140 - 2 bedroom suite


6. Golden Sands Hotel 246-428-8051, 246-428-3897 (fax)

3 star hotel


Single Double

$50 $60 + 17.5% tax



7. Accra Beach Hotel 246-438-8920

4 stars hotel

Single/Double - $135 tax included

- run of the house i.e. choice of island view, pool view or

garden view

Breakfast can be provided for and additional $14.95 per day.


8. Student Accommodation Student accommodation will be available at the Sir Frank Worrel Hall on the campus of the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill. These rooms will be avialable at a cost of BDS$40 (approx. US$20) per night. Interested persons should contact the conference at cgc16th@hotmail.com as soon as possible



1. Direct flights to Barbados are available from the following U.S. cities:

New York - Air Jamaica, BWIA, American Airlines

Miami - BWIA, American Airlines

Washington DC - BWIA

Philadelphia - US Airways


2. Flights are available from the following US cities with a connection in Montego Bay, Jamaica, on Air Jamaica:



Fort Lauderdale

Los Angeles


New York




3. There are direct flights to Barbados from San Juan, Puerto Rico on American Eagle.

4. There are flights from Cuba on Air Jamaica with a connection in Montego Bay. A connection can also be made in Miami to an American Airlines flight.

5. There are no direct flights from Latin America to Barbados. Most travelers from Latin America must make connections in New York or Miami. There are however flights from Caracas, Venezuela to Barbados with a connection in Port of Spain, Trinidad.

6. Direct flights to Barbados are available from the following locations in the UK:

London - Virgin Atlantic Airways, BWIA, British Airways

Heathrow - BWIA

Gatwick - Virgin Atlantic Airways, British Airways

Two charters fly from Manchester and London; Britannia Airways and Air Tours.


Visitors to Barbados from the USA, the UK and the Caribbean, with the exception of Dominican Republic and Haiti, do not require visas. Persons traveling from other countries should check with their travel agents about visa requirements.



#1- Barbados' Scotland District: 1 day- June 16th

Leader- Professor Robert Speed

Dept. Geological Sciences

Northwestern University, Illinois.

Cost: US$70 - includes lunch and transportation

This trip will provide a broad overview of the geology of the Tertiary inlier of the island.


#2 - Limestone Terraces and Industrial Minerals of Barbados: 1 day ­ June 16th

Leader- T.B.A.

Cost: US$70 ­ includes lunch and transportation


#3 - " In Trechmann's Footsteps" ­ June 20th

This will be presented as a _ day field trip to various Paleontological localities in Barbados during the Conference.

Leaders- Professor Stephen Donovan and David Harper

Cost: US$70 ­ includes lunch and transportation


#4 - The Geology of Tobago

Leader- Professor Art Snoke

University of Wyoming

To be organized by the Geological Society of Trinidad and Tobago (GSTT). Duration:- 2 - 3 days (Dates not yet finalized)

Cost: US$300 - includes lunch and transportation, airfare and accommodation from Barbados approx. $300 U.S.



#5 - Soufriere Volcano in St. Vincent and the Grenadines: June 21-23

Leader- Mr. Richard Robertson

Seismic Research Unit, Trinidad and Tobago and

Professor Trevor Jackson, University of the West Indies, Jamaica

Cost: US$400 ­ includes airfare, accommodation, ground transfer and Lunch.

This trip will examine from the South Eastern volcanic centers to the Soufriére Volcano in Northern St. Vincent. The group will climb Soufriére's East flank and see block and ash pyroclastics and the summit crater.

#6 - Scotland District and Miscellaneous Sites of Barbados: 1 day

Leader- Leslie H. Barker and Energy & Natural Resources Division Staff.

Cost: US$70 ­includes lunch and transportation

This will be a repeat of #1


Pleaseindicate field trip you wish to attend.