160 CONFERENCIA GEOLOGICA DEL CARIBE - BARBADOS 2002         


                                    16me CONFERENCE GEOLOGIQUE DES CARAIBES - BARBADOS 2002 2002






16th Caribbean Geological Conference

16 – 21 June, 2002


Third Circular

June 2002


         The Sixteenth Caribbean Geological Conference will be held in Bridgetown, Barbados in June 2002 under the auspices of the Energy and Natural Resources Division of the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Natural Resources.  The Conference is dedicated to the exchange of information on all aspects of Caribbean Geology.




         All communications should be addressed to:


                                    Leslie Barker

                                    General Coordinator

                                    16th Caribbean Geological Conference

                                    Energy and Natural Resources Division

                                    C/o National Petroleum Corporation Building

                                    Wildey, St. Michael,


                                    Tel: (246) 429-8726 Fax: (246) 436-6004





                           Participating Members                                US $150.00

                                    Participating Students                                 US $ 80.00

                                    Non-participating Members                       US $ 65.00


            These fees are payable before March 30, 2002.  A late registration fee of US $20.00 will be payable for registration after this date.  Refunds of pre-registration fees will be made for cancellations done before May 15, 2002.  Participants, non-participants and students will receive transactions.  Registration fees cover the costs of field trip guide books, programmes, book of abstracts, and the final transactions.


            Participating Members are all those who attend the conference and receive the documents. Non-participating Members are those who only receive the conference documents at their overseas locations.


Please make all cheques payable to “The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of the Environment.”




Conference Site AND FACILITIES   


            The conference will be held at the Sherbourne Conference Center, which is a modern state-of-the-art center with facilities for hosting large conventions (over 4000 people).


            This is about 3 miles from the South Coast area where the hotels listed in 2nd circular are located.


            Modern presentation facilities such as overhead projection, PowerPoint presentation, etc. will be available in each room.  Computers will support Windows 98/2000 and either 3½ floppy disk, 250MB zip disk or CD Rom.


            There will be simultaneous presentation for at least two sessions.





Please note the changes in the field trip schedule.





          #1- Barbados’ Scotland District: 1 day- June 16th- FULLY SOLD OUT

                Leader- Professor Robert Speed

                Dept. Geological Sciences

                          Northwestern University, Illinois.


                 Cost: US$70   - includes lunch and transportation


This trip will provide a broad overview of the geology of the Tertiary inlier of the island.









          #2   - “ In Trechmann’s Footsteps” – June 20th

      This will be presented as a ½ day field trip to various       Paleontological localities in Barbados during the Conference.

                  Leader- Professor Stephen Donovan and David Harper

                                   Natural History Museum, London


                   Cost: US$70 – includes lunch and transportation






                #3 - Scotland District and Miscellaneous Sites of Barbados: June21st 

This trip entitled " A Bajan Pot Pourri" will give a general overview of the geology and sites of the island; covering some of the Tertiary rocks and the Pleistocene Limestone terraces as well as the Harrison's Cave.

       Leader- Leslie H. Barker and Energy & Natural Resources Division           



                    Cost: US$70 –includes lunch and transportation







                #4 - Soufriere Volcano in St. Vincent and the Grenadines:

June 21-23-CLOSED

                  Leader- Mr. Richard Robertson

       Seismic Research Unit, Trinidad and Tobago and

 Professor Trevor Jackson, University of the West Indies, Jamaica


Cost: US$400 – includes airfare, accommodation, ground transfer and Lunch.


This trip will examine from the South Eastern volcanic centers to         the Soufriére Volcano in Northern St. Vincent. The group will climb Soufriére’s East flank and see block and ash pyroclastics and the  summit crater.





·      Please check appropriate box of field trip you wish to attend.





      To date most registration fees have been paid but a final registration will be done on site on Monday June 17th between 8:00 am and 1:00 pm. At this time, conference documents will be given to all participants.





     There will be a daily shuttle from a number of the hotels listed in the second circular. To help us facilitate this service please indicate by e-mail immediately  the name of the hotel at which you are registered.


      There will also be a shuttle service for the Sunday June 16th  field trip.







There will be an opening cocktail hosted by the Minister of Physical development and Environment on Monday June 17th, immediately after the technical presentations at 6:00 pm.


There will also be a buffet dinner and party cruise on board the Harbour Master Cruise Boat on Thursday evening at 7:00 pm. Have on your anchor boots fellows, drinks unlimited. There will be a donation of US$40.00 (BDS$80.00) per person, payable at registration.