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Third Circular 16th Caribbean Geological Conference

16th Caribbean Geological Conference - Technical Program(me)

16th Caribbean Geological Conference - Poster sessions


The Caribbean Geology website is designed to help the spread of information about the geosciences in the Caribbean and adjacent areas, and to encourage cooperation between the widely spread members of the Caribbean Geological community. The website has evolved out the the Caribbean Geological Conference series which has encouraged communication between Caribbean geoscientists for almost forty years.

For the purposes of this site, the Caribbean in defined as those areas on the Caribbean Plate as well as the adjacent areas of the Bahama Bank, Northern South America, southern and eastern Mexico and the southern Gulf of Mexico.

The Caribbean Geology & Tectonics site is maintained by Gren Draper at Florida International University (State University System of Florida) in Miami. The success of the website depends, however, on the contributions of all interested persons. Please send your latest information and suggestions (in English, Spanish or French) for improving the site to Gren at