Caribbean Geology: Recent and reference publications

(Lat updated 9/2000)

On this page we list we list some general references that may be useful to those who are new to Caribbean Geology. These will be permanent residents of the page. A link is provided to the Caribbean Geology Bibliography at the University of Texas


Caribbean Geology Bibliography

The Caribbean Geology Bibliography page has been compiled by the Institute for Geophysics at the University of Texas at Austin


Upcoming and recent books


Now available:

Mann, P.W., 2000, Caribbean Sedimentary Basins edited, Elsevier

Ali, W., Paul, A. and Young-On, V. (eds.), 1999, Transactions, 14th Caribbean Geological Conference, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, July 1995, 817pp. (2 volumes). About US$125 + postage and packing

Fincham, A.G., 1998, Jamaica Undergrond- the caves, sinholes and underground rivers of Jamaica University of the West Indies Press, 530 pp. Pre publication price US$32. Contact: UWI Press, 1A Aqueduct Flats, Mona, Kingston, Jamaica, WI. Fax (809) 977-2660. Email:

Dolan, J. and Mann, P.W, Neotectonic studies in the northern Caribbean plate boundary zone in Hispaniola., Geological Society of America Special Paper 326

Lidiak, E.G. and Larue, D.K, Tectonics and geochemistry of the NE Caribbean , Geological Society of America Special Paper 322

Some Journals/Publishers with a tradition of publishing
on Caribbean Geology

Caribbean Journal of Science. CJS publishes articles in English and Spanish on geology, paleontology and biology.

Geological Society of America has several journals that frequently publish articles on Caribbean Geology, as well as numerous special papers and memoirs

Journal of Caribbean Earth Sciences ( previously Journal of the Geological Society of Jamaica) has published articles mainly about the geology of Jamaica, but t papers on the wider field of Caribbean Geology. For information write to: Simon Mitchell, Editor - Journal of the Geological Society of Jamaica, Dept. of Geography and Geology, University of the West Indies, Mona, Kingston 7, Jamaica W.I.

Journal of South American Earth Sciences publishes mainly about South America, but does have occasional articles about the islands and Central America



General References

Dengo, G. and Case, J.E. (eds), 1990, The Caribbean Region: Geological Society of North America, Decade of North American Geology, Geology of North America, v. H, 528 pp. [Library of Congress no QE71.G48; ISBN 0-8137-5212-4]

Donovan, S.K. and Jackson, T.A., 1994, Caribbean Geology: An Introduction: : University of the West Indies Publishers Association, 289 pp. [Write to Trevor Jackson, Dept of Geology, University of the West Indies, Mona, Kingston 7. Jamaica W.I. for details of how to obtain a copy]



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