Caribbean Geology: who is doing what?

(Last updated 9/2000)

This page is an attempt to be an up to date guide as to the interests of individual Caribbean geologists and/or institutions and any special projects that they are currently working on. Some contain links to sources with more information. Of course, at the present time there will be a lot of omissions. If you wish to be listed here, please compose a similar short summary in the style shown below and send by email or fax to Gren Draper:, tel: 305-348-3087, fax: 305-348-3877.

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Pan-Caribbean Institutions

Caribbean Diaster Emergency Response Agency

Caribbean Disaster Mitigation Project

Greater Antilles


Museo Nacional de Historia Natural, Obispo no. 61, Plaza de Armas, La Habana, CH10100, Cuba, Fax (537) 62-0353, email:

Dirección General de Minería, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; email:

Red Sismica Dominicana. Seismology. Installing a seismic network of 15 telemetric stations. Email:

University of Puerto Rico - Geology Department and Tropical Center for Earth and Space Sciences,

US Geological Survey, Puerto Rico. This office has a variety of geological and hydrological projects

University of the West Indies - Department of Geography & Geology, Mona, Kingston 7, JAMAICA, W.I. Fax (876) -977-6029. Bachelors, masters and doctoral programs in geology.




Lesser Antilles; Trinidad and Tobago

University of the West Indies - Cave Hill, Barbados - Bellairs Marine Laboratory

University of the West Indies - St. Augustine - Seismic Research Unit
Northern South America

Instituto de Investigaciones en Geosciencias, Minera y Quimica (INGEOMINAS), Colombia

Observaciones Sismologica de Sur Occidental (OSSO), Universidad de Valle, Calí, Colombia


Central America

Escuela Centroamericana de Geología, Universidad de Costa Rica, Aptdo 35 (2060), Ciudad Universitario "R. Facio", San Jose, Costa Rica. Director: Teresita Aguilar, Fax: (506) 234-2347

Centro Sismologico de America Central, Apartado 35 San José, Costa Rica, América Central Tel. (506) 253-8407 Fax (506) 253-2586

Instituto de Geociencias de la Universidad de Panama

Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

Instituto Nicaraguense de Estudios Territoriales Apartado 2110, Frente a Policlínica Oriental del INSS, Managua, Nicaragua, Fax [505] 2491890

United States

Florida International University - Department of Geology. Miami, FL, USA. FIU geology has a strong interest in the geology of the Caribbean and Latin America. Enquiries from Caribbean nationals for bachelors, masters and doctorate programs are encouraged.

University of Miami - Department of Geosciences.

University of Miami - Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences

University of Texas at Austin - Institute of Geophysics. UTIG has a strong interest in the Caribbean and maintains a bibliographic database (see Publications)

US Geological Survey: Geological map of North America. The SE quadrant of this map covers the Caribbean


Individual Investigators


Individual investigators and their active interests are listed below under the region and/or fields of specialty. To find the address (snail-mail or email) and/or fax/phone numbers, go to the investigators page.

If you are not here, and wished to be listed, contact Gren Draper with the information. Please do not be offended if you are not here!! It is a mammoth task to compile this list and I am only a mere mortal.


Caribbean Marine Basins

Bill Dillon - Marine Geology, seismology
Stuart Hall - Marine magnetics
Andrew Kerr - Cretaceous Caribbean - Colombian Oceanic Plateau
Paul Mann

Bahamas Platform

Gregor Eberli - seismic stratigraphy
Robert Ginsburg - carbonate sedimentation
Michael Grammar - carbonate sedimentation

Greater Antilles


Jorge Cobiella - regional geology, physical stratigraphy
Lila Diaz de Villalvilla - petrology and geochemistry of the Cuba arc
Raul Flores - structural geology
Rick Fluegeman - micropaleontology
Manuel Iturralde -Vinent - plate reconstruction, paleogeography, stratigraphy and paleontology
John Lewis - petrology of the Paleogene arc
Ed Lidiak - petrology and geochemistry of Cuban granitoids
Walter Maresch - metamorphic geology
Guillermo Millán - metamorphic geology
Mireya Perez - petrology and geochemistry of cuban granitoids
Reynaldo Rojas - Rudist paleontology
Stephen Diaz- Vertebrate paleontology (mainly Quaternary)



Salvador Brouwer - Mineral exploration
Mike Clark - Geomorphic evolution and paleo vegetation history of the Cordillera Central
Gren Draper -Regional geology. Structural geology, Metamorphic geology, Shear zones associated
with ophiolite emplacement
Andrew Coleman - Structural geology of the Hispaniola fault zone
Julio Espaillat - Mineral exploration
Giuseppe Giunta - petrology and geochemistry of ophiolitic rocks
Gabi Gutierrez - Structural geology, Shear zones associated with ophiolite emplacement
Pedro Hernaiz, Eusebio Lopera, Marcelo Martín - regional mapping of south-central Dom. Rep.
Manuel Iturralde-Vinent - paleoenvironment of the Dominican amber; vertebrates in amber
Jorge Jimenez - Mineral exploration
Steve Kesler - Economic geology
Henriette Lapierre - Geochemistry of the Duarte Complex
John Lewis, Regional geology, Igneous petrology and geochemistry of arc rocks and ophiolite
Paul Mann, Neotectonics, paleoseismology
Florentin Maurrasse - Biostratigraphy of Haiti, K-T impact
Fred Nagle - Regional geology
Luis Odonel Gomez, Seismology
Carol Prentice - paleoseismology
Ivan Tavarez, Regional geology, engineering geology


Puerto Rico

James Joyce - Structural Geology, engineering geology
Don McFarlane - vetebrate paleontology
Ed Lidiak - petrology of volcanic and plutonic rocks
Hernan Santos - Rudist paleontology
Hans Schellekens - igneous petrology, economic geology

Virgin Islands

Gren Draper, Microtectonics of the Caledonia Formation, St. Croix
Ed Lidiak, Plutonic rocks of St Croix


Rick Abbott - Metamorphic petrology
Rafi Ahmad - Landslides, neotectonics
Barbara Carby - Natural Hazards
Steve Donovan - Paleontology, esp echinoidia
Gren Draper - Tertiary tectonic history; metamorphic geology, karst landforms
Trevor Jackson - Igneous petrology and geochemistry
Don McFarlane - vetebrate paleontology
David Miller - Geomorphology
Simon Mitchell - Carbonate sedimentology
Edward Robinson, Biostratigraphy and larger foraminifera
Margaret Wiggins-Grandison - Seismology

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Lesser Antilles


Don McFarlane - vetebrate paleontology


Malcolm Hendry - Coastal processes, sedimentology, environmental geology
Bob Speed - Structural Geology

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Northern South America


Trinidad and Tobago

Trevor Jackson - Igneous petrology(Tobago)
Art Snoke - petrology and structure (Tobago)
Bob Speed - Structural Geology



Hans Ave Lallement - Structural Geology
Jonathan Turner - Plaeomagnetics related to neotectonics, Serrania del Interior
Virginia Sissons - Metamorphic geology



Andrew Kerr, Nick Arndt - Petrology/geochemistry of ocean plateau rocks of Gorgona Island


Henriette Lapierre- Petrology/geochemistry of oceanic terranes


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Central America

Costa Rica

Jean Hernandez, Igneous petrology
Allen Lopez-Saborio - structural geology, paleostress


Robert Rogers, geomorphology, stratigraphy, geological mapping
Robert W. Scott, Paleontology, Cretaceous biostratigraphy
Lina C. Patino,geochemistry, volcanic arc lavas
Donald Stierman, geophysics, geoarchaeology
Richard "Ric" Finch, tectonics and regional stratigraphy; karst geology)
Mark Gordon - tectonic evolution, geochronology, stratigraphy of Chortiz block


Wilfrid Strauch - geophysics, earthquakes, volcanoes


Laurie Collins, Caribbean benthic foraminifera (see also Panama Paleontology Project)
Paul Mann, Neotectonics

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Igneous Petrology

Thomas W. ("Nick") Donnelly, Cretaceous Caribbean Basaltic Province
Jean Hernandez
Trevor Jackson - Jamaica, Grenada, Belize
John Lewis - Arc volcanics, granitoids and ophiolites in Hispaniola and Cuba.
Ed Lidiak, - Granitoids in Puerto Rico, Cuba
Hans Schellekens - Puerto Rico



Charles Connor - Nicaragua, Mexico
Alan Smith - Montserrat, Martinique
Geoff Wadge - Lesser Antilles, Montseratt


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Economic Geology

Stephen Kesler- Hispaniola, Central America, Mexico



Laurie Collins - foraminifera
Steve Donovan - echinoids
Dave Harper - brachiopods
Don McFarlane - vertebrate paleontology
Florentin Maurrasse - radiolaria
Homer Montgomery - radiolaria
Ted Robinson - larger foraminifera
Reynaldo Rojas - rudists
Hernan Santos - rudists
Peter Skelton - rudists
Tom Stemann-corals