A L F R E D O      A N D I A     S T E L Z E R,  Ph.D.

SOA, Florida International University, Miami, USA

Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, USA
M. Des. S., Harvard University, USA
Arquitecto, Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso, Chile

Dr. Alfredo A
ndia is currently a professor at Florida International University, Miami.  He has also taught at U.of Cincinnati, University of California at Berkeley and he has been a visiting professor in Italy and Chile.  Dr. Andia combines his interest and expertise in architectural design and digital technologies.  He has worked has a project design architect in projects such as the headquarter for Kyushu Electric Power Co., Kumamoto, Japan; Oncomedica office Building, Peru; Mall Feria del Pacifico, Lima , Peru; Urban Design Plan for 2000-2100 in Kyoto, Japan; and Urban Design proposals for small towns in Italy and Ohio.  

He has consulted internationally in digital technology in design for companies such as Taisei Corporation, one of the largest construction companies in the world, and Architectural firms such as Anshen and Allen, Anderson De Bartolo, Pan, and SMP, California.  Dr. Andia has also consulted several digital technology start-ups and well established corporations such as Tokyo Computer Systems, Japan; Cyra Technologies, California; BCTS in Chile and Peru; and is an Advisor to the Center for Design Visualization at U.C. Berkeley.

Dr. Andia coordinates the Internet Studio Network. An online academic community that brings togheter studios at several schools of architecture togheter. He has spoken widely on the impacts of digital technologies in design at Biennales of Architecture and at conferences such as SIGGRAPH, American Collegiate Schools of Architecture, Networked Realities in Japan, IMCL. He has been invited tot more than 20 universities and research institute worldwide.  He has been a member of the CDI Workshops in Italy, International Scientific Committee of the SIGRADI conferences in South America, A invited member to ACSA taks force on distace education and digital media. 

Internet Studios Consortium | Piet3D | Ampath


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