Preliminary syllabus, subject to change without notice.

Class Times

The class meets Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 11:00pm to 11:50pm in GL-100B.


Office Hours and Contact Info

Office hours are 1:00-1:55pm and 3:00-4:00pm on Monday and Wednesday. I will be happy to make an appointment for another time if that is more convenient. My office is DM-311A, my phone number is 305-348-3287, and my email is <>.

TA Information

Zhengzheng Qian She will grade all of the homework, so any questions you have about the homework grading should be directed to her. Her office hours are Monday & Wednesday from 10:00-11:00am in DM-308A.


Grades will be based on three in-class midterm exams (worth 20% each), a final exam (30%), and the remaining 10% on homework. In addition to being announced in class, homework assignments will be posted on the class web page.


The first midterm exam was on Friday, September 17 and covered pp. 1-126. The second midterm exam was on Wednesday, October 13 and covered chapters 5-9 (pp. 117-248). The third midterm exam was on Monday, November 8 and covered chapters 10, and 12-13 and part of 14 (pp. 249-270 and 303-366).

The final will be in our regular classroom (GL-100B) at the officially scheduled time: 9:45am on Wed., Dec. 8. It will be comprehensive.

Answers to Exams

  1. Answers to Midterm #1
  2. Answers to Midterm #2
  3. Answers to Midterm #3


Homework may be done individually or in groups of no more than 4. If you do your homework in a group, please turn in a single set of answers with everyone's name at the top. This makes life easier for both me and the TA. I strongly advise you to attempt all the questions yourself, even if you work with a group. You will learn more that way and likely do better on the exams. In fact, working problems beyond those assigned is a good way to improve your understanding of the material.

If you are unable to turn in the homework in class, it can be turned in at the Economics Department by the due date for full credit. Late homework may be subject to a penalty and will not be accepted once the assignment is returned.

Homework Assignments

Homework assignments will appear here when they are made. The answers to many of the unassigned problems are in the back of the book. I recommend you attempt these problems too.

  1. Problems 1, 4, and 7 from Chapter 2 (pp. 42-43) and Problems 5 and 6 from Chapter 3 (pp. 90-91) were due on Wed., September 8.
  2. Problems 3, 7, and 9 from Chapter 4 (pp. 114-116) and Problems 4 and 6 from Chapter 5 (pp. 139-142) were due on Wed., September 15.
  3. Problems 1, 5, 9, and 17 from Chapter 6 (pp. 164-166) and were due on Wed., September 29.
  4. Problems 3, 4, and 8 from Chapter 7 (pp. 192-194) and Problems 1, 9, and 12 from Chapter 8 (pp. 221-224) were due on Wed., October 6.
  5. Problems 1, 3, 8, and 13 from Chapter 10 (pp. 267-270) were due on Wed., October 27.
  6. Problems 2, 3, 4, and 13 from Chapter 12 (pp. 326-328) and Problems 4 and 5 from Chapter 13 (pp. 352-353) were due on Wed., November 3.
  7. Problems 1, 3, 9, and 11 from Chapter 14 (pp. 383-385) and Problems 5 and 6 from Chapter 15 (pg. 412) were due on Mon., November 22.
  8. Problems 1, 6, and 7 from Chapter 16 (pp. 431-432) and Problems 2 and 4 from Chapter 17 (pp. 455-456) were due on Wed., December 1.

Additional homework assignments will appear here when they are made.

Course Outline and Schedule

Tentative Course Schedule

As we proceed through the course, the dates and list of chapters covered will be updated. You will get more from the course if you start reading the chapters by the time we start them.

Aug. 23: Chapter 1: First Principles
Aug. 25,27: Chapter 2: Economic Models
Aug. 30, Sept. 1, 3: Chapter 3: Supply and Demand
Sept. 6: Labor Day Holiday (no class)
Sept. 8, 10: Chapter 4: Consumer and Producer Surplus
Sept. 13, 15: Chapter 5: The Market Strikes Back
Sept. 17: First Exam: Chapters 1-5
Sept. 20, 22, 24: Chapter 6: Elasticity
Sept. 27, 29: Chapter 7: Taxes
Oct. 1, 4, 6: Chapter 8: International Trade
Oct. 8, 11: Chapter 9: Making Decisions, part I
Oct. 13: Second Exam: Chapters 5-9
Oct. 15: Chapter 9: Making Decisions, part II
Oct. 18, 20: Chapter 10: The Rational Consumer
Oct. 22, 25, 27: Chapter 12: Behind the Supply Curve
Oct. 29, Nov. 1: Chapter 13: Perfect Competition and Supply
Nov. 3, 5: Chapter 14: Monopoly, Part I
Nov. 8: Third Exam: Chapters 10, 12-14 thru pg. 366
Nov. 10, 12: Chapter 14: Monopoly, Part II
Nov. 15, 17, 19: Chapter 15: Oligopoly
Nov. 22, 24: Chapter 16: Monopolistic Competition and Product Differentiation
Thanksgiving Holiday: Nov. 25 & 26
Nov. 29, Dec. 1: Chapter 17: Externalities
Dec. 3: Review
Dec. 8: Final 9:45 in GL-100B

Detailed Outline

Get the 4-page complete course outline or the 1-page outlines below.


Missed Exams

Normally, one missed mid-term will result in your remaining regular exams and final respectively being worth 25% and 40% of your grade. Any exceptions must be arranged in advance. Missing two regular exams or the final will means an automatic F in the course.


We strictly follow university policy on incompletes. This means that incompletes will only be considered when an emergency prevents you from attending the final exam.

Academic Honesty

While you may use a calculator on exams, any other use of computers, notes, books, or advice from others on exams is considered cheating and will be dealt with accordingly. See the university policy on Academic Misconduct for more details.

Important Dates

Aug. 23
Classes begin
Aug. 30
Last day to drop with full refund
Sept. 6
Labor Day Holiday (no class)
Sept. 17
Last day to drop with 25% refund
Sept. 17
Last day to apply for Fall Graduation
Oct. 15
Last day to drop with DR
Nov. 11
Veteran's Day (Thurs, so no class anyway)
Nov 25 & 26
Thanksgiving Holiday (no class)
Dec 3
Last day of regular classes
Dec 6-11
Finals Week
Dec 16
All grades available online