2003 - 2004 Pip Brant Tabled Reports - Position Statement

This work re-contextualizes news reports and morality debates concerning topics such as abuse of authority and economic strategies as possible sources for terrorism. The juxtaposition of nostalgic and sentimentally loaded 50’s tablecloths and dyed appropriated imagery counters the original purpose of a blanket or decorative tablecloth that once covered a festive table surrounded by a well-behaved, tightly defined, American family. The depiction of public tragedy on these domestic pieces of cloth, once used to shelter a piece of furniture used to feed a basic human clan, is converted into a narrative that seeks to relocate states of social disarray. These tablecloths can resume their original postures and once again cover tables, but instead of providing somnambulist visual muzak for the dinner guest, they will be invited to consider the social implications of issues normally swept under the table. Potential dinner guests will be left to question as to what will be served.

Pip Brant
Hollywood, Florida 2003

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