David Barton Bray

Information for Prospective Students

I encourage inquiries from prospective students interested in either undergraduate or graduate study within the Department of Environmental Studies. Admission requirements for the Department and University are available on the Department's Homepage. The Department offers BA, BS, and M.Sc. Degrees. A Ph.D. program is under development and should be available in approximately two years.

 I am interested in recruiting graduate students from the US and other parts of the world. These students should possess demonstrated academic abilities, strong personal initiative, and a deep dedication to research that improves our understanding of the social dimensions of natural resource management in Latin America and Mexico in particular. I am seeking full-time students supported by either research assistantships or fellowships.

 Currently I am seeking support for graduate students from foundations. However, I encourage ther interested graduate students to also seek their own funding through fellowships. In addition to sources of international fellowships, foreign students should investigate possibilities for fellowships within their own countries. 


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