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The Community Forests of Mexico: Managing for Sustainable Landscapes

Edited by David Barton Bray, Leticia Merino-Perez, and Deborah Barry. Austin: University of Texas Press. Published August, 2005

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Two Sample Chapters from the book

Chapter 1: Community Managed in the Strong Sense of the Phrase: The Community Forest Enterprises of Mexico. By David Barton Bray, Leticia Merino-Pérez, and Deborah Barry

Chapter 10: Land Use/Cover Change in Community-Based Forest Management Regions and Protected Areas in Mexico. By Elvira Durán-Medina, Jean Francois Mas, and Alejandro Velázquez


La experiencia de las comunidades forestales en México: Veinticinco años de silvicultura y construcción de empresas forestales comunitarias. By David Barton Bray and Leticia Merino-Pérez. Mexico City: Instituto Nacional de Ecología Published October, 2004.

Timber, Tourists and Temples: Conservation and Development in the Maya Forest of Belize, Guatemala and Mexico

Edited by Richard Primack, David Barton Bray, Hugo A. Galletti, and Ismael Ponciano published by Island Press 

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Community Forest Management and Ecology

A Path Through the Woods: 15 Years of Community Forest Management in Mexico. By David Bray. Grassroot Development. 2007. pp. 40-47.

The Mexican Model of Community Forest Management. By David Bray, Camille Antinori, Juan Manuel Torres-Rojo. Forest Policy and Economics. 2006. 8:470-484.

From Displacement Conservation to Place-Based Conservation. By David Bray. pp. 103 - 106. Protected Areas and Human Displacement, Wildlife Conservation Society, 2007.

Bee Populations, Forest Disturbance, and Africanization in Mexico. By Christine E. Cairns, Rogel Villanueva-Gutiérrez, Suzanne Koptur, David Barton Bray. Biotropica. 37:4, pp. 686-692.

Deforestation and Forest Transitions in Southeastern Mexico, 1900-2000. 2005. by David Barton Bray and Peter Klepeis. Environment and History. 11:195-223.

Community Forest Enterprises as Entrepreneurial Firms: Institutional and Economic Perspectives from Mexico. Camille Antinori and David Barton Bray. 2005. World Development. 33:9, pp 1529-1543.

Community Forestry as a Strategy for Sustainable Management: Perspectives from Quintana Roo, Mexico. David Barton Bray. In Working Forests in the Neotropics: Conservation Through Sustainable Managment edited by Daniel Zarin, Janaki Alavalapati, Francis E. Putz and Marianne C. Schmink. Columbia University Press: New York

The Drivers of Sustainable Landscapes: A Case Study of the “Mayan Zone” in Quintana Roo, Mexico. 2004. David Barton Bray, Edward Ellis, Natalia Armijo, Christopher Beck. Land Use Policy. 21:333-346.

Manejo Adaptativo, organizaciones y manejo de propiedad común: perspectivas de los bosques comunales de Quintana Roo, México. In Uso, Conservación y Cambio en Los Bosques de Quintana Roo. 2004. David Barton Bray. Edited by Natalia Armijo y Carlos Llorens. Universidad de Quintana Roo: Chetumal, Quintana Roo.

2003 Mexico's Community-Managed Forests: A Global Model for Sustainable Landscapes. David B. Bray with Leticia Merino-Pérez,  Patricia Negreros-Castillo, Gerardo Segura-Warnholz, Juan Manuel Torres-Rojo, Henricus F. M. Vester. Conservation Biology Volume 17, No. 3, Pages 672–677.

2003 El Balcón Ejido, Guerrero. A Case Study of Globalization: Benefiting a Forest Community. David B. Bray and Leticia Merino. In Confronting Globalization: Economic Integration and Popular Response in Mexico. Edited by Tim Wise. Kumarian Press.

A Purepecha Community Conserves Its Forests While Creating Wealth. David B. Bray. In Sustainable Solutions: Building Assets for Empowerment and Sustainable Development. Ford Foundation.

2001 The Mayans of Central Quintana Roo. In Endangered Peoples: Struggles to Sustain Cultural Survival Edited by Susan C. Stonich. Greenwood Publishing Group

1993 On the Road to Sustainable Forestry. Cultural Survival Quarterly, Spring 1993.

Ron Mader of also conducted an interview with me on the work in Quintana Roo that was published in the Mexico City News in 1998 and on his website. 

1991 The Struggle for the Forest: Conservation and Development in the Sierra Juarez. Grassroots Development. 15:3.

Organic Coffee

Beyond Islands? Sustainable Rural Development in Mexico. By David Bray, Skya Rose Murphy, Melissa Cornejo. Changing Structure of Mexico. 2006. Laura Randall, ed. M.E. Sharpe:

2002 Social Dimensions of Organic Coffee Production in Mexico: Lessons for Eco-Labeling Initiatives. Society and Natural Resources.  15:429-446.

On July 5, 1999, the New York Times published my op-ed piece "Coffee that Eases the Conscience" that makes the social and ecological case for why consumers should buy more organic and shade tree coffee.  A very similar version of the New York Times article can be found on Ron Mader's web site. Email me if you would like the Times original. 

A Bird in the Cup: Grinding Towards Environmental and Social Justice in the World of Coffee. Orion Afield, January 1999.


David Barton Bray, et al. Nueva Evidencia Sobre los Bosques Communitarios de Mexico, 2007.

David Barton Bray, Alejandro Velázquez, Jean Francois Mas, Elvira Durán. “Mexico’s Community Forests” 2005. Letter to the Editor. Conservation in Practice. 6:4, pp.46-47.

David Barton Bray and Anthony B. Anderson. Global Conservation Non Governmental Organizations and Local Communities: Perspectives on Programs and Project Implementation in Latin America. Working Paper No. 1. Conservation and Development Series. Institute for Sustainability Science in Latin America and the Caribbean, Florida International University. Miami, FL

Rosa Cossío-Solano, David Barton Bray, Simon Bult, Leticia Merino-Pérez. Bibliografía Anotada del Manejo Comunitario de los Bosques en México, con Bibliografía Adicional sobre los Bosques de México en General (Annotated Bibliography on Community Forest Management in México, with additional Bibliography on Mexican Forests in General). Published by the Society of Latin American Librarians (SALALM). (soon to be posted)

David Barton Bray and Leticia Merino Pérez. 2004. Los Bosques Comunitarios de México: Logros y Desfíos. Mexico City: Sierra Madre. (policy outreach publication)

July, 2003. Hacia una Economía de Conservación en la Zona Maya de Quintana Roo: Reportes sobre Colaboraciones entre Instituciones Academicas y la Organizacion de Ejidos Productores Forestales de la Zona Maya (OEPFZM). Edited by David Barton Bray, Victoria Santos Jiménez and Natalia Armijo Canto. OEPFZM/Institute for Sustainability Science in Latin America and the Caribbean-FIU: Felipe Carillo Puerto, Quintana Roo and Miami, FL.

September, 2002. David Barton Bray and Leticia Merino. The Rise of Community Forestry in Mexico: History, Concepts, and Lessons Learned from Twenty-Five Years of Community Timber Production. A Report to the Ford Foundation: Mexico City. (A Revised Version of this was published as La experiencia de las comunidades forestales en México: Veinticinco años de silvicultura y construcción de empresas forestales comunitarias. By David Barton Bray and Leticia Merino-Pérez. Mexico City: Instituto Nacional de Ecología Published October, 2004

Living with Monarchs: The Uneasy Relationship Between Mexican Peasants and a Migratory Butterfly is a longer version of an article published in the Miami Herald on February 1, 1998 which is also available in hardcopy upon request.


Effects of Invasive Africanized Honey Bees (Apis Mellifera Scutellata) on Native Stingless Bee Populations (Meliponinae) and Traditional Mayan Beekeeping In Central Quintana Roo, Mexico By Christine E. Cairns.

Policies, Pests, and Unplanned Biodiversity: Interactions between Social and Ecological Dimensions of Agroforestry Projects in Central Quintana Roo, Mexico. By Alexis Racelis

Cornejo, M. K. (2004). Promoting Community-Based Ecotourism Enterprises in Common Property Regimes: A Stakeholder Analysis and Geographic Information Systems Application in Ejido X-Maben in Central Quintana Roo, Mexico. Unpublished Master of Science, Florida International University, Miami

Zirkelback, Matthew “Risk Reduction, Subsistence Extraction, and Biological Diversity Conservation: The Use and Management of Forest Fragments in Agricultural Landscapes” (obtaining final version)

Skya Rose Murphy. 2005. Organizations, Livelihoods, and the Landscape Mosaic: A Sustainability Evaluation of Pita (Aechmea magdalenae) Production in Oaxaca, Mexico. Unpublished Master of Science, Florida International University, Miami (obtaining final version)


Participatory Community Mapping Reports
These are reports on the communities of Kampokolche and Santa Maria Poniente Municipio of Felipe Carillo Puerto in Quintana Roo carried out by the University of Quintana Roo and Florida International University with the support of the Ford Foundation.

-- Kampokolche
-- Santa Maria Poniente

Another masters thesis on forest management issues in Quintana Roo was done by David Shoch of Duke University. The entire thesis An ecological and economic evaluation of railroad tie harvest in the ejido Xpichil, Quintana Roo, Mexico is available in .pdf format.

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