Giant Equisetum in Chile

Equisetum giganteum in northern Chile: (largest stem measured:  ~3.5 cm in diameter, 4+ m tall)

(Please see the discussion of these remarkable populations elswhere on this website.)

Atacama Desert plateau along the Panamerican Highway between river valleys in northern Chile.

1.  Equisetum giganteum in the Lluta Valley, near Arica, Chile (unless noted otherwise, photos by Chad Husby, December 2002):
         Gallery of photos by Dr. Thomas Schoepke.
         Colony photos:
            a.)     View of the Lluta valley.  
            b.)     View of colony near railroad.
            c.)     Another view of colony in b.)
            d.)     Colony near railroad with person for scale.
            e.)     Same colony as b.) with person for scale.
            f.)      Same colony as b.) with person for scale.
            g.)     Large colony against desert backdrop.
            h.)     Large colony in evening with bird perching on top of a stem.
            i.)      Colony farther up the Lluta Valley.
            j.)      Very large colony in  upper  Lluta Valley.
          Individual stem photos:
            a.)    New and developing shoots.
            b.)    Developing whorls on new stem.
            c.)    Developing whorls on new stem (different angle).
            d.)    Developing whorls on stem (later stage).
            e.)    Apex of new stem.
            f.)     Maturing stem.
            g.)    Coning stem.
            h.)    Coning stem with sessile cones.
  2.  Equisetum giganteum in the Tana Valley, northern Chile (photos by Chad Husby, December 2002):
       (Largest stem diameter measured was ~3.5 cm)
            a.)   View of colonies near bridge.
            a.)   Stems emerging from soil.
            b.)   Closeup of mature stem with hand for scale.

3.     Equisetum giganteum in the Tarapacá Valley, northern Chile (photos by Chad Husby, December 2002):
            a.)    View of upper valley.
            b.)    Rhizome growing underwater in lower valley.

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