John F. Clark

Curriculum Vitae



Ph.D., Foreign Affairs, University of Virginia, August 1992
Dissertation: Superpower Intervention in Several Conflicts of Sub-Saharan Africa

M.A., Foreign Affairs, University of Virginia, May 1988
Thesis: Realism and the Reagan Doctrine

A.B., Political Science, Magna Cum Laude, Georgia Southern College, June 1986
Minors: French and International Studies

Major Appointments

Chairperson, Department of International Relations, Florida International University (FIU), August 2002-present

Associate Professor, Department of International Relations, FIU, Fall 1997-present

Interim Graduate Director, Department of International Relations, FIU, 2000-2001

Fulbright Lecturer/Research Scholar, Makerere University, Uganda, September 1999-July 2000

Assistant Professor, Department of International Relations, Florida International University, Fall 1992--Summer 1997 (Instructor during 1991-92 academic year)

Research Assistant/Editor, Miller Center of Public Affairs, (Research Center on the American Presidency, University of Virginia) January 1987-June 1990


The Failure of Democracy in the Republic of Congo. Boulder, Colo.: Lynne Rienner, January 2008.

The African Stakes of the Congo War, Edited. New York: Palgrave, and Kampala, Uganda: Fountain, 2002.

Political Reform in Francophone Africa, Co-edited with David E. Gardinier. Boulder, Colo.: Westview Press, 1997.

Journal Articles

"Does Democratization Reduce the Risk of Military Interventions in Politics in Africa?" Democratization 15, no.2 (April 2008). (With Staffan I. Lindberg).

"The Decline of the African Military Coup." Journal of Democracy 18, no.2 (2007): 141-155.

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African politics and society.]

"Explaining Ugandan Intervention in Congo: evidence and explanations." Journal of Modern African Studies 39, no.2 (June 2001): 261-87.

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Global Development Studies 2, nos. 3-4 (Spring 2001): 167-195. (With Sekou Camara)

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"Collective Interventions After the Cold War: Lessons from the U.N. Mission to the Congo, 1960-1964," Journal of Political Science 12 (1994): 93-115.

"Socio-Political Change in the Republic of the Congo: Political Dilemmas of Economic Reform," Journal of Third World Studies 10, no.1 (Spring 1993): 52-77.

Chapters in Edited Books

"When do the Military Step into the Electoral Arena?" in Andreas Schedler, ed., Electoral Authoritarianism, Boulder, Colo.: Lynne Rienner, 2006: 129-148.

"Rwanda: Tragic Land of Dual Nationalisms," in Lowell W. Barrington, ed., After Independence: Making and Protecting the Nation in Post-Colonial and Post-Communist States. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 2006: 71-106.

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in Leonardo Villalon and Peter VonDoepp, eds., The Fate of Africa's Democratic Experiments, Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2005: 96-125.

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Experiment and Beyond," in Matthias Basedau and Andreas Mehler, eds., Resource Politics in Sub-Saharan Africa. Hamburg: Institute for African Studies, 2005: 121-144.

"Introduction: Causes and Consequences of the Congo War," in Clark, ed., The African Stakes of the Congo War, pp.1-10

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"The Economic Consequences of the Congo War," in Clark, ed., The African Stakes of the Congo War, pp.201-223. (With Mungbalemwe Koyame)

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Recent Reference Book Entries

"Congo-Brazzaville: The Return to Authoritarianism as Usual," in Africa Contemporary Record, 2003-2004, vol.29, New York: Holmes & Meier, 2008.

Entries: "Africa and the Cold War," pp. 252-254; "Congo (Brazzaville), Independence and Revolution, 1958-1979," pp. 300-302; "Congo (Brazzaville), Liberalization, Rebelllion, 1980s and 1990s," pp.302-303; and "Denis Sassou-Nguesso, President of the Republic of Congo, 1979-92, 1997-," pp. 1322-1323 in Kevin Shillington, ed., Encyclopedia of African History (New York: Fitzroy Dearborn, 2005).

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Review Essays

Review Essay: "Political Change and Social Contestation in the Republic of Congo: Sources and Analyses." International Journal of African Historical Studies 30, no.3 (1997): 601-606.

Review Essay: "American Foreign Policy in Africa after the Cold War," Africa Today 40, no.2
(1993): 91-93.

Review Essay: "Theoretical Disarray and the Study of Democratization in Africa," Journal of Modern African Studies 31, no.3 (Fall 1993): 529-34.

Recent Book Reviews

Regime hegemony in Museveni's Uganda: Pax Musevenica, by Joshua B. Rubongoya, in Choice 45, no. 1 (September 2007): 512.

Security Dynamics in Africa's Great Lakes Region, edited by Gilbert M. Khadiagala in African Studies Review 50, no.1 (April 2007):150-151.

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Dilemmas of Weak States: Africa and Transnational Terrorism in the Twenty-First Century, by Tatah Mentan in Democratization 12, no.5 (December 2005): 856-857.

Public Opinion, democracy, and market reform in Africa, by Michael Bratton, Robert Mattes, and E. Gyimah-Boadi in Choice 42, no. 11 (July 2005): 6746.

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No-Party Democracy in Uganda: Myths and Realities edited by Justus Mugaju and Joseph Oloka-Onyango in Choice 38, no.10 (June 2001): 5815.

Recent Conference Paper Presentations

[With Staffan Lindberg.] "Does Liberalization Prevent Military Interventions in Politics? Evidence from Africa." Presented [by Lindberg] at the 48th meeting of the African Studies Association [ASA], San Francisco, CA, November 2006.

"Political Liberalization and Military Intervention In African States Since 1991." Presented at the 102nd Meeting of the American Political Science Association [APSA], Philadelphia, PA, 1 September 2006.

"Electoral Authoritarianism under Sassou-Nguesso." Ambassadorial Seminar on Congo-Brazzaville for Robert Weisberg (Out-going U.S. Ambassador to Congo). 28 March 2006.*

"The Contribution of Flawed Elections to State Reformulation in Sub-Saharan Africa: Evidence from Several Cases," Presented at the 101st Meeting of the APSA, Washington, DC, 4 September 2005.

"Coalition Government in the Democratic Republic of Congo: Interim Peace or a Path to National Unity?" Presented at the First Global International Studies Conference, Istanbul, Turkey, 25 August 2005.

"Institutional Design and Democratic Outcomes: Lessons from the Congo Republic," Presented at the 46th Meeting of the International Studies Association [ISA], Honolulu, HI, 5 March 2005.

"The Collapse of the Democratic Experiment in Congo Republic: The Role of the Military and Militias," Presented at the 47th Meeting of the ASA, New Orleans, LA, 13 November 2004.

"Military Intervention in Electoral Authoritarian Regimes: Evidence from African Cases," Presented at a Special Conference entitled "The Dynamics of Electoral Authoritarianism," Centro de Investigacion y Docencia Economicas, Mexico City, 3 April 2004.*

"Suffering and Death on the Periphery of World Politics: The 'Invisibility' of the Congo War as an Example of Hegemony in International Relations," Presented at the 45th Annual Meeting of the ISA, Montreal, 17 March 2004.

"Electoral Authoritarianism and Military Unrest in West Central Africa: Cameroon, the Central Africa Republic, Congo, and Gabon" Conference on Military Coups in West Africa and Regional Instability, U.S. Dept. of State, Washington, DC, 5 March 2004.*

"The Democratic Experiments in Congo and Benin in Comparative Perspective." Presented at the 45th Annual Meeting of the ASA," Washington, DC, 6 December 2002.

"Debates on Uganda's Motives in the Congo War." Presented at the special conference entitled "Africa's Great Lakes Region 2002: Prospects for Peace," African Studies Program Annual Conference, University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1 November 2002.*

"Structure, Agency, and Democratic Consolidation in Africa: An Examination of the Benin-Congo Dyad," Presented at the 98th Annual Meeting of the APSA, Boston, MA, 29 August 2002.

"The Curse of Riches: Petroleum Revenues and Political Development in the Republic of Congo." Presented at the 18th International Biennial Conference of the German African Studies Association, Hamburg, Germany, 15 May 2002.*

"The Neo-Colonial Context of Democratic Experiments in Africa: The Case of Congo-Brazzaville." Presented at the 44th Annual Meeting of the ASA, Houston, TX, 18 November 2001.

"The Collapse of the Multiparty Experiment in the Republic of Congo: A Thick Description." Presented at the Conference on Elites, Institutions, and the Fate of Africa's Democratic Experiments, Lawrence, KS, 6 October 2001.*

"The Collapse of the Multiparty Experiment in the Republic of Congo." Presented at the 42nd Annual Meeting of the ISA, Chicago, IL, 24 February 2001.

"Uganda's Intervention in the Congo War: Evidence and Explanations." Presented at the 43rd Annual Meeting of the ASA, Nashville, TN, 17 November 2000.

"Uganda's Intervention in Congo: A Thick Description." Presented at the special conference on Conflict and Peace-making in the Great Lakes Regions, Entebbe, Uganda, 10-12 July 2000.

* Invited Conference papers funded by hosts

Invited Presentations at Universities and Colleges

"The Epic of the Congolese Elections" [in Congo-Kinshasa]. University of Florida African Studies Program, 29 September 2006.

"The War in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the West's Response." Beloit College, WI, 8 Nov 2004.

"Globalization and the Prospects for Development in Africa." Presented at the Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU), Mbale, Uganda, 27 April 2000.

"Elections and U.S. Foreign Policy," and "Democratization and U.S. Foreign Policy," Presented at the Center for U.S. Studies, Martin Luther University, Halle-Wittenburg, Wittenburg, Germany, 23 & 24 October 1996.

Teaching at FIU and Makerere University

Graduate courses:
" Comparative Approaches to Area Studies and Global Issues
" Seminar in Comparative Area Studies
" Seminar in African Development*
" International Relations Theory I*/International Relations Theory (Makerere Univ.)
" Dynamics of International Relations in the 20th Century
" United States' Foreign Policy

Undergraduate courses:
" Honor's Seminar I: Advanced Writing in International Relations
" Theories of International Relations
" Foreign Policy Analysis (Makerere University)
" International Relations of Sub-Saharan Africa
" International Relations of the United States
" Issues and Problems in International Relations
" Ethical Problems and International Relations*/ Ethics and I.R. (Makerere Univ.)
" The Idea of Origins, Freshman Honors course, 1995-96 year
" Introduction to International Relations

* These courses developed as new courses at Florida International University

Recent Conferences Organized

"Image Politics: China's Engagement with the Global South," FIU, March 30 2007. Budget: $8000, funded by the Broad Educational Series, the Gordon Institute, Institute for Asian Studies, and the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office. [With Paul A. Kowert]

"Conflict and Peace-Making in the Great Lakes Region," Entebbe, Uganda, 10-12 July 2000. Conference featured 24 presenters and 8 discussants. Budget: $29,000, funded by the American Center, Kampala.

Departmental Achievements During my Tenure as Chairperson

" Hired visiting scholars from Algeria, Brazil, Britain, China, Cuba, Germany, Haiti, Poland, Russia, Spain, and South Korea to teach courses in the Department
" Oversaw Department enrollment increases of 88 percent over five years
" Launched fund-raising initiative and recruited Development Associate
" Raised some $150,000 for extra-curricular programs, scholarships, etc.
" Launched Departmental Honor's Track
" Oversaw tenure and/or promotion of seven faculty members
" Won a one-third increase in space for the faculty
" Oversaw recruitment of seven new tenure-track faculty, one permanent instructor
" Led Department during its 2002-2003 Program Review process

Recent Service as a Peer Reviewer

" African Affairs (2006)
" Lynne Rienner press (2005)
" African Studies Review (1999, 2001, 2006)
" Journal of Cold War Studies (2006)
" Africa Today (2002, 2006)
" Comparative Political Studies (2003)
" Security Dialogue (2003)
" Comparative Politics (2000, 2002, 2003)
" Journal of Modern African Studies (2002)

Other Professional Service

" Vice-Chair, African Politics Conference Group, 2007-2009
" Member, Advisory Board, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, Georgia Southern University, 2002-2007
" International Foundation for Electoral Systems mission to Congo-Brazzaville, March-April 2001

Fellowships/Grants Awarded

" Understanding Contemporary Islam grant from CIES (Fulbright), 2004
" Competitive Sabbatical Award for 2001-2002 year, Spring 2001
" Fulbright Lecturing/Research Award, Makerere University, Uganda, 1999-2000
" West Africa Research Association Summer Grant, 1999 (Declined)
" FIU Provost Office Award for Summer Research, Summer 1999
" FIU Division of Sponsored Research Travel Grant, Summer 1997
" FIU College of Arts and Sciences Faculty Development Grant, Summer 1994
" Institute for the Study of World Politics Fellow, 1990-91
" Internship, U.S. Department of State, U.S. Embassy, Brazzaville, Congo, June-August 1990
" Eisenhower Foundation Fellow, 1989-90
" Earhart Foundation Fellow, 1988-89
" Teaching Assistantship, University of Virginia, 1987-1990 (Kenneth Thompson and others)
" Research Assistantship, University of Virginia, 1986-1987 (for Inis Claude)
" Dorman Fellowship, GA Southern College, 1984-1985
" Bell Honors Program Fellowship, 1982-86

Honors and Awards

" FIU Operational Excellence Award, for outstanding service as chairperson, January 2007
" FIU University Faculty Advising Award, Spring 1999
" State of Florida Teaching Incentive Program Award, FIU, Spring 1996
" Omicron Delta Kappa (national leadership honor society), 1990
" Outstanding Political Science Student, Georgia Southern College, 1986
" Presidential Scholar, Georgia Southern College, 1982-86


Department of International Relations
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Florida International University
Miami, Florida 33199
Telephone 305-348-3289
Fax 305-348-6138

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