The faculty and staff of The Center on Aging are pleased to report on current and recent projects and activities. Our work reflects only a small fraction of the growing diversity of the discipline of gerontology but captures, we believe, two critically important themes for the future.

We are now a unit of the new Stempel School of Public Health of the College of Health and Urban Affairs of Florida International University. We continue to maintain a strong focus on issues of health promotion and long term care. Our research, education and training are largely organized around these themes access, including issues of quality and service delivery in a rapidly of an aging society.

We are in the process of collaborating with new faculty colleagues in the School and College on potential new areas of research, including HIV/AIDS and older people, and health promotion. Likewise, we continue to engage in research in long-term care, including needs assessments, program evaluations, and policy studies. In both areas, we are concerned about health disparities among different racial and ethnic groups in terms of health access and outcomes.

Max B. Rothman, J.D., LL.M.

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