Max B. Rothman is the Executive Director of The Center on Aging, Robert Stempel School of Public Health, College of Health and Urban Affairs, of Florida International University.   He holds a B.A. from Lafayette College, a JD from the University of Michigan and an LL.M. from the George Washington University Graduate School of Public Law.   The Center on Aging engages in research, education, and training, with a focus on long-term care, healthy aging and health promotion, and issues of elder justice.

His career includes service as an attorney for the Department of Health, Education and Welfare, a Peace Corps Volunteer for a city government in Venezuela, director of three legal services programs for the indigent in New Jersey, Florida and Colorado, first District Administrator of Florida's health and human services programs in Dade and Monroe Counties, Florida, and founder of The Center on Aging in 1984.   He currently serves as President of the Board of Trustees of the Florida Council on Aging, a statewide association of professionals and academics, and as Chair of the Board of Directors of the Health Council of South Florida, Inc.   He serves on the editorial boards of "Generations," the journal of the American Society on Aging and "Aging Today," a bi-monthly newspaper of ASA.   In 1997, he received the President's Award from the Alliance for Aging, Inc., the Area Agency on Aging for Dade and Monroe Counties, and the Outstanding Achievement Award of the Florida International Volunteer Corps.

His research currently focuses on emerging issues of elder justice and the needs of elders in Miami-Dade County and Florida, including the capacity of the aging services network to adequately meet that need.   He recently co-authored reports on the Elder Justice Center in Palm Beach County, Florida and on Elder Abuse in the Context of Intra-Family Violence: A Case Study in Identification, Intervention and Prevention .   In 2000, he co-edited a book, Elders, Crime, and the Criminal Justice System: Myth, Perceptions, and Reality in the 21 st Century , addressing the increasingly complex issues of elders, crime and criminal justice, published by Springer Publishing Company.   In 2004, he co-authored "Judicial Responses to an Aging Society," the first national study of how courts address issues created by the increase of older persons in the courthouse and the special issues presented by them.
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