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PPP Stratigraphic Sections

Composite stratigraphic sections for the Caribbean side of Panama and Costa Rica can be viewed below. The sections are modified versions of those published by A.G. Coates in Chapter 1 of "A Paleobiotic Survey of Caribbean Faunas from the Neogene of the Isthmus of Panama" (L.S. Collins and A.G. Coates, editors):  Bulletins of American Paleontology no. 357. The numbers of individual sections (to be posted here in the future) are shown in parentheses. Also shown are a reference map to the localities of sections and a key to the lithologies. 

Locality map for sections 
Composite sections, Panama Canal Basin and northwestern coast of Panama 
Composite sections, Bocas del Toro Basin 
Composite sections, Limon Basin, Costa Rica 
Key to lithologic patterns