Math Circle topics and assignements - Fall 2004-Spring 2005

In the Fall semester 2004, the Math Circle meets every other Saturday, between 2:00pm and 3:30pm in GC 283A.
First meeting: Saturday, November 6, 2004.

Date Topic/Speaker Assignment Comments
Nov. 6 Miscellaneous Problems/G. Grantcharov, M. Yotov, T. Draghici Try these problems
Nov. 20 Euclidean Geometry/G. Grantcharov, M. Yotov Try these problems
Dec. 4 Euclidean Geometry/G. Grantcharov, M. Yotov 
Happy Holidays!
Last meeting of 2004.
First meeting in 2005 is
Saturday, January 15
Jan. 15 Euclidean Geometry Try these problems
Jan. 29 Euclidean Geometry Try these problems
Feb. 12 Euclidean Geometry
Try these problems

Feb. 26
Euclidean Geometry

Mar. 13, 11:00am -12:30

Math Contest coming up soon
For this week only, the meeting
is held on Sunday, from 11:00am
March 26
Euclidean Geometry

April 9
Math Contest

April 23
Try these problems

May 7
Check the previous meeting problems

May 21
Try these problems
This is the last meeting for the semester.
Have a good summer!

Deadline for submitting solutions for the Math Contest has been extended to Dec. 31, 2005.