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Grenville Draper

Professor of Geology,

Department of Earth Sciences, FIU

Ph. D - University of the West Indies
M. Sc. - University of London (Imperial College)
B.A. - Cambridge
Fellow of the Geological Society




FIU excursion, Georgia, 2002












Courses being taught Fall, 2005:


GLY 5048 Geologic Maps TR 11.00-12.15, PC 341

GLY 5021 Earth Sciences for Teachers - Hours arranged (see notes below)

IDH 1001 Honors seminar: Origin of Ideas and Ideas of Origins M W 15.30-16.45 (M CP 197; W GC275B)



GD's Courses:


GLY 1010 Introduction to Earth Sciences
| schedule(including links) | text website | sample test questions | in the news | geotrivia | career opportunities |
NOTE: GLY 1010 webheads might want to check out the World Lecture Hall site for the Earth Sciences for extra links and information

GEO 2200 Physical Geography - schedule

GEO 3510 Earth Resources
- schedule

GLY 3760 Geological Maps - schedule

GLY 3782 Geology Excursion

GLY 4400 Structural Geology - schedule

GLY 5425 Tectonics - schedule

GLY 5021 Earth Sciences for Teachers - schedule

GLY 5415 Caribbean Geology and Tectonics- schedule | Caribbean Geology website |

GLY 5786 Advanced field excursion

IDH 1001 Honors seminar: Origin of Ideas and Ideas of Origins - info page | schedule

Special page for Undergraduate Mentoring in Environmental Biology (UMEB) project



GD's Research Interests:

Structural Geology and Tectonics, Caribbean Geology, Geologic mapping, Karst landforms and processes


Current Research Projects and Student Research Opportunities

Students working with me are encouraged to develop their own ideas and projects, but here are some of my ideas for research projects at undergraduate, masters and doctorate levels.


GD's Publications


GD's Professional Activities

Chair, Permanent Committee for the Caribbean Geological Conferences

Editorial Board, International Geology Review (USA)

Editorial Board, Geologica Acta (Barcelona, Spain)

Editorial consultant . Stuvdia Geologica Salmanticensia (Salamanca, Spain)

Registered Professional Geologist, no. 0000816, State of Florida

Tel: (305) 348-3087; Fax (305) 348-3877 or

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