Tectonic reconstructions of the Caribbean region

contributed by Dr. James Pindell


The plate tectonic history of the Caribbean is shown here by reconstructions of the region at various times in the geologic past. The illustrations are modified from Pindell (1994), which itself is a culmination of several other papers (see references below).

Late Miocene (10 million years)

Early Miocene (21 million years)

Early Oligocene (35 million years)

Middle Eocene (49 million years)

Paleocene (59 million years)

Late Cretaceous - Maastrichtian (70 million years)

Campanian (76 million years)

Turonian (90 million years)

Early Cretaceous - late Albian (100 million years)

Barremian/early Aptian (120 million years)

Valanginian (130 million years)

Jurassic - Bathonian (175 million years)

Triassic -Jurassic (200 million years)


Animation (200 - 35 million years)



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