Dr. Sorah Susan Dubitsky  Fall 2007

At FIU I am an adjunct faculty member in the Department of Psychology and my area of study/work/specialization is psychological health and well-being. I teach a variety of psychology courses including Personal Adjustment, the Psychology of Health and Illness, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Developmental Psychology and the Psychology of Drugs and Drug Abuse. I am also a Fellow of the Center for the Study of Spirituality and I am on its Executive Board and Director of the Center's undergraduate certificate curriculum committee.


For Fall 2007, I am teaching the following courses:



CLP 2001 -- Personal Adjustment at the Biscayne Bay Campus

CLP 4314 -- The Psychology of Health and Illness Behavior at the Biscayne Bay Campus

SOP 2772 -- The Psychology of Sexual Behavior at the Pines Center.


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