Environmental Bioinorganic Chemistry Laboratory
Florida International University



Dr. Yong Cai
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry and
Southeast Environmental Research Center
Florida International University
Miami, FL 33199

Tel: (305) 348 6210
Fax: (305) 348 3772



Dr. Yong Cai
Lab Director
Tel: 305-348-6210

Dr. Cai is an Associate Professor at the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry and Southeast Environmental Reserach Center at FIU. His reserach interests lie in a broad area of analytical, bioinorganic, environmental chemistry and geochemistry of metal(loid)s.

Dr. Guangliang Liu
Manager, BEAF
Tel: 305-348-7480
Dr. Liu is working as a Reserach Associate, with research interest focusing on the environmental processes of metals controlled by key biogeochemical factors such as DOM, sulfer, and nanoparticles. He also serves as BEAF Manager and is incharge of the regular operation of the Facility.
Dr. Ligang Hu
Tel: 305-348-6235
Dr. Hu is a Postdoctoral Research Associate and is investigating the environmental fate and toxicity of As, Cr, and Cu associated with CCA-treated wood.
Ms. Damaris Hernandez
Tel: 305-348-6235
Ms. Hernandez works as Lab Manager assisting Dr. Cai in lab management and responsible for the accomplishment of analytical services in the Facility.
Ph.D. Students
Yuxiang Mao Mr. Mao's research is to investigate mercury fate and transformation in aquatic environments.
Lucy Yehiayan Ms. Yehiayan is working on the interactions betweeen arsenic and thiols and their implications on arsenic metabolism.
Sen Chen Mr. Chen's research focuses on the analysis of organic sulfer compounds in environmental samples and the role of organic sulfer on mercury cycling.
Dionne Dickson Ms. Dickson's research work is to investigate the environmental implications of engineered nanomatrials.
MS Students
Sheena Powell Ms. Powell is working on the plant uptake of arsenic.
Julio Cabrera Mr. Cabrera's research is related to mercury speciation and transport.
Undergraduate Students
Elys Viera Ms. Viera works on fish mercury-related health risk issue.
Cristina Diez-Rivas  
Ivy Hernandez  
All students can be reached at Tel: 305-348-6235, Room CP 397, University Park Campus

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