EPMA is a high-precision probeinstrument used to image, identity and chemically analyze extremely small -- on the scale of micrometers -- objects without chemically altering or physically destroying them. This instrument is used by scientists in many different fields, particularly Materials Science, Geology, Medical Science and Technology, Computer Science and Forensic Science.

JEOL 8900R Superprobe
•  5 – 2 crystal WDS spectrometers
•  2 H – (large) type gas flow detectors
•  3 standard sealed detectors
•  One EDS–UTW detector
•  Unix operating system
•  Both PC and Mac remote operation
•  Elemental analysis from Boron to Uranium
•  Standards available for metals and minerals
•  High accuracy quantitative analysis
•  High accuracy analysis of light elements
•  Supplemental cold trap for trace elements
•  Digital image capture
•  High resolution X-ray mapping
•  Phase diagram
•  EDS-UTW detector
•  CL detector
•  SEI/BEI detectors
•  Remote access worldwide

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