remote access
The EPMA (Electron Probe MicroAnalyzer) has remote capability with PC or Mac computers using one of two recommended softwares. First is the VNC software that is a freeware
that can operate on either PC or Mac and has been tested to the latest version in 2003. The second software is Reflection X, purchased software that has been tested to Version 8 on PC only. The latest version 10 indicates that both PC and Mac computers are capable of running this software, though it is untested

To install the VNC software, click on VNC, for the link and download the program that will support the operating system that is being used at your location. Once the software is installed onto your computer, an icon should be automatically set up on the desktop to access VNC. Select VNC viewer on the desktop to run VNC. The program will ask the user what VNC server, type and then, ok. Please note that the (: X) number is not always one and that this number is assigned to the user at the time to be logged onto the EPMA system. The system will ask for a password that will also be given to the user at the time to be connected. Once on, the VNC software will initiate the EPMA screen, if there is an EPMA menu open on the probe, the user must click on the background screen of the EPMA screen and select MENU on the pull down menu and answer yes to the question that will open the EPMA menu as an offline menu. The system will work fine and the user will be able to move forward with the EOS (Electron Optic System) software.

The second software is Reflection-X by WRQ, the link is .The latest version to communicate with UNIX is 10 and is available for both Mac and PC. To install Reflection-X, follow the installation procedure and it is recommended to install the full program. During the setup, certain data will be required for the installation wizard, please call or email us so that we will be able to provide the necessary information to complete the installation,

There are some differences between the two tested software packages, first, VNC is a freeware and available online. Some other differences with the tested programs are that the VNC does not interrupt EPMA operations if connection is lost, a significant factor for selection. VNC is user exclusive in that when a user is logged in using VNC, no other VNC user will be able to log in. Reflection-X has some very good ftp connection software making data transfer simple, though any ftp software that the user is most familiar.

We recommend that the remote site be set up with a computer which has a dual monitor configuration. The user will need to have a separate link with the optical and scanned images produced by the EPMA. The access address for the optical microscope/SEM image is. The recommended browser for running this link is Netscape Explorer, this browser will allow you to enlarge ether of the images so that the user can see a larger image of the area under investigation.

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