Spring 2011:

Feb. 11, '11 The "Gran Telescopio de Canarias" (GTC): First Light of the Largest Optical Telescope on Earth, Dr. Rafael Guzman, Professor, Chair of the Astronomy Department, University of Florida.


The GTC is the last -and the largest- of the new generation of large ground-based observatories that have opened up a new era of discoveries in astronomy at the dawn of the XXIst Century. The GTC has been built by a consortium of institutions from Spain, Mexico and the University of Florida. In this talk, I will review the general characteristics of this state-of-the-art telescope. I will also describe the main contributions of the University of Florida to its world-class instrumentation, and will present the first scientific results ranging from the birth of the universe to the detection of new planets to be obtained after its first light.

Dr. Rafael Guzman
Professor, Chair of the Astronomy Department
University of Central Florida

Prof. Guzman is the Chair of the Department of Astronomy at the University of Florida. He graduated in Physics and Astronomy at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain), and obtained his PhD at the University of Durham (England). Prof. Guzman has been awarded several prestigious positions, including a "Hubble Fellowship" at Yale University and a "Distinguished Professorship" at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. His main area of research is galaxy evolution over cosmological timescales. In particular, he studies the structure, kinematics and stellar populations of galaxies both in the nearby universe and in the distant universe.