Spring 2012:

March 9, 2012, "The Forgotten Astronomers", by Derek Demeter, Director, Seminole State College Planetarium, Florida


Astronomy gives patronage to names like Copernicus, Galileo, and Newton, who have rooted themselves into history as the fathers of contemporary astronomy. Although their contributions to our understanding of the universe are undeniable, many other "Forgotten Astronomers" played a major role not just in Europe but all around the world. In "The Forgotten Astronomers," Derek Demeter, director of the Seminole State College Planetarium, presents a history of astronomy that showcases the progressive nature of many other lesser-known astronomers from around the world and their ideas they developed: heliocentrism, star cataloging, and optics, to name but a few. Although they may today be "the forgotten astronomers," it is their research that serves as the foundation for our understanding of astronomy today.

Derek Demeter
Seminole State College Planetarium, Florida

Derek Demeter began working at the Seminole State College Planetarium in 2003 while a Physics and Technical Education student. By 2007, Mr. Demeter was offered the position of planetarium director, and immediately began the process of writing and producing new shows, including a complete series of presentations that explore the astronomy and history of numerous cultures from around the world. From this start arose "The Forgotten Scientists," a presentation that surveys the contributions of astronomers outside of Europe and North America. Mr. Demeter has been featured on numerous media outlets in the Central Florida area, produces a weekly podcast called "StarTalk" and promotes scientific literacy through lectures and speaking engagements. Mr. Demeter lives in Orlando, FL.