Fall 2010:

Oct. 8, '10 "How Big Are We?" by Tippy D'Auria, Southern Cross Astronomical Society's Winter Star Party Founder and Chair, author and Astronomical League Awardee.


Describes and compares the size of Earth to other planets, then to the Sun. Shows comparison of our Sun to size of other stars. Shows and describes other objects in our galaxy. Comets, open clusters, globulars, other galaxies, Hubble Deep space image, etc.

Tippy D'Auria
Founder and Chair
Southern Cross Astronomical Society's Winter Star Party

Tippy D'Auria is the founder of the Winter Star Party which is sponsored by the Southern Cross Astronomical Society, and he has been the Chairman of that star party for thirteen of its twenty-five years. Tippy is also a founding board member of Astronomy Outreach network and an advisor for the Meade 4M Community.

In January 2001, Tippy received recognition for his contributions to amateur astronomy, as he was honored by the International Astronomical Union, when an asteroid was given the name "11378 DAuria" in his honor. That same year, Tippy led an expedition to the volcanoes of Costa Rica, to film a National Geographic documentary called "Volcano Hunters". Tippy joined an elite group of some of the world's best planetary astronomers in 2001 on a mission to record a predicted flash on Mars in a region called Edom. In August 2007, Tippy received the 2007 Astronomical League Award for his many contributions to the Astronomical Community. In February 2008, Tippy received an Astronomy Outreach Award - in recognition for his contributions in outreach and public education in Astronomy. In October 2009, Tippy was awarded the Astronomical League's Outreach Award "Honorary Lifetime Master Award" for his significant contributions to Astronomy outreach.

He is a noted astrophotographer who uses cold camera photography for his work and has taught Creative Photography at the college level. Tippy is a writer and an international lecturer as well as an avid volcano hunter. He has contributed to the section on darkroom techniques for the book Introduction to Observing and Photographing the Solar System as well as co-authoring with Vic Menard, the definite book on telescope collimation, titled Perspectives on Collimation - Principles and Procedures.