Fall 2010:

Sept. 10, '10 "The View from Mars", Pat Duggins, News Director, Alabama Public Radio


"If the U.S. space program ever sends astronauts to the planet Mars, the effort will take a "whole new NASA." Pat Duggins, author of the new book "Trailblazing Mars," talks about how sending humans to Mars will require NASA and the American public to re-think everything associated with spaceflight. Going to the red planet will make the Apollo moon landings, the Space Shuttle, and the International Space Station seem like practice. Trailblazing the red planet will be more like taming the Old West in the 19th century. There, pioneers faced extreme isolation, and had to rely on their wits and technology to survive. The so called "right stuff" is about to change."


Pat Duggins
News Director
Alabama Public Radio

Pat Duggins is news director at Alabama Public Radio. He has spent over twenty years providing national coverage of the space program, including the development of NASA's next generation spacecraft at the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville. He covered over one hundred space shuttle missions for National Public Radio. The list includes the 1986 Challenger accident, as well as the 2003 loss of Columbia during which he provided three hours of "live" coverage on NPR's Weekend Edition with Scott Simon. Duggins has earned a national Sigma Delta Chi award and a National Headliner Award for his NASA coverage. Pat's new book is titled "Trailblazing Mars: NASA's Next Giant Leap." It follows up his first book about NASA, "Final Countdown: NASA and the End of the Space Shuttle Program." Both are published by University Press of Florida.