Researching the Island's Landscape
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Dr. Gebelein has conducted fieldwork in Cuba since 2004. The geographic research range of both her 2004 and 2006 field trips can be seen by clicking here. In the two maps of the geographic range, there are a combined total of approximetely 2000 data points taken with a GPS (Global Positioning System) unit which yields a latitude and longitude of each field site. Attached to each GPS point is a table of data that contains information such as waypoint number, date/time, heterogeneous versus homogeneous landscape, landscape classification, and additional notes of interest. Additionally, there are several thousand photographs associated with each trip and with almost all land cover and land use types seen throughout the island. A sample of this data and several photographs can be seen by clicking here. These photographs, GPS points and overall data collection were used to create a land cover map of the entire island of Cuba. The land cover/ land use map of Cuba is currently being assessed for errors and for reliability utilizing the data collected during these two field visits. If you are interested in any particular region, city, town or landscape type and would like to collaborate or talk to Dr Gebelein about her datasets, please contact Dr Gebelein at 305-348-1859 or