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Scholarships and Field Trip Funds:

The Earth Sciences Department gives two awards to undergraduates each year:
1) Outstanding Student Geoscientist Award - to be awarded at the end of the Spring semester to a Geology B.S. or B.A. major in their senior year, with geology GPA in the top 10% of majors. The award is given based on:
1) GPA and academic performance
2) Evidence of professional activity beyond coursework
3) Recommendations of faculty

2) Beginning Geoscientist Award- to be awarded at the beginning of Fall semester to a new major (no more than two required courses taken), based on high academic performance and interest in geoscience demonstrated by an essay explaining reasons for their interest in earth science, and their ultimate career goals.

In addition, the Department provides matching for LAC graduate assistantships. LAC assistantships are given to graduate students from Latin American, Caribbean, and certain other countries. The LAC designation allows these students to be treated as Florida residents in determining tuition charges.

3) Field Trip Fund: Since its inception, the Earth Sciences Department has promoted field trips as an essential learning tool. Field excursion courses have been held in such diverse locations as California, the Dominican Republic, southeastern US, Smoky Mountains, Colima Volcano, Mexico, and Nevada. With South Florida as a starting point, travel to these and other locations can be very expensive. The Field Trip Fund is used to support student travel on Department and Earth Science Association geologic field trips.

If you would like to contribute to scholarships or the field trip fund, please contact the department chair by phone or e-mail at geology@fiu.edu.