Grenville Draper

Ph.D. University of the West Indies, 1979;
M.Sc. London (Imperial College), 1974;
B.A. (Honors) Cambridge, 1973

PC 316
Ph: (305) 348-3087


Structural Geology, Metamorphic Geology and Tectonics

Structural geology and tectonics of the Caribbean, Central America and Mexico

Research Interests

Research has concentrated on applying modern structural concepts and techniques to analyze the nature, geometry and timing of orogenic events in the northern Caribbean and southern Mexico, particularly as they affect the metamorphic rocks of the region. These studies have been conducted utilizing both regional scale mapping and detailed, large scale structural studies with appropriate laboratory work.

Recent projects include: 1) Greenschist grade shear zones associated with ophiolite emplacement in central Hispaniola, 2) Structural textures and paleo-stress associated with an indenting block, Southern Hispaniola, 3) Laramide thrusting, basin formation, and implications for terrain amalgamation in southwest and south central Mexico, and 4) Cleavage formation, strain, and thrust kinematics of Cretaceous arkosic calcarenites in St. Croix. Other current research interests involve the internal structure of fault and shear zones, the structural control of magma conduits in cinder cone fields, aspects of karst geomorphology and hydrogeology in South Florida and the Caribbean.

Selected Publications


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