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Gautam Sen

Ph. D. University of Texas at Dallas, 1981
M.Sc. University of Calcutta, 1976
B.Sc. (Honors) University of Calcutta, 1973

PC 314A
Ph: (305) 348-2299
email: seng@fiu.edu

For a complete CV in pdf  format please click here.

Link to Earth Materials: Mineral and Rocks (2001)


Experimental Petrology, Upper Mantle, Mantle xenoliths, Basalts, Continental flood basalts, ocean ridges, hot spots

Research Interests

My interests range from the origin of the mantle and crust, hot spots, and continental flood basalts. My graduate students, post-docs, and I use a variety of tools that range from experimentally melting rocks in the laboratory to isotope and trace element geochemistry. I have two long-term projects - one on Hawaii and the other is on the Deccan Traps (India). Of late, I have become interested in the Columbia River Basalts (NW USA).

In terms of instrumentation we use high-pressure piston-cylinder and 1 atmosphere furnace, electron microprobe (at FCAEM), ion probe (at the Woods Hole/MIT facility, ICP-MS and mass spectrometers (at Vincent Salter's Lab at Florida State University).

At the moment, I have 4 graduate students: Andy Acosta (MS, expected Dec '07), Melroy Borges (Ph.D., Dec'07), Kevin Chau (MS, Summer'08), and Indra Sen (Spring'09). My recent ex-students are Shantanu Keshav (Ph.D. '03, presently at Bayreuth), Sedelia Durand (Ph.D.'06, presently at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University), Zachary Atlas (MS'02, Ph.D. candidate at Univ. Miami), Susan Schulz (BS'02; finished Ph.D. at ASU), Kevin Chau (BS'06, MS student). My post-doctoral fellows were Michael Bizimis (FSU), Mihai Ducea (UArizona), Huai-Jen Yang (NCKU, Taiwan). Tobi Cohen was my first BS and MS ('89) student.

Selected Publications   

2007 Garnet-bearing Xenoliths from Salt Lake Crater, Oahu, Hawaii: High-Pressure Fractional crystallization in the Oceanic Mantle. Journal of Petrology 48, 1681-1724 [Keshav, S., Sen., G, Presnall, DC].

2007 Ancient recycled mantle lithosphere in the Hawaiian plume: Osmium-Hafnium isotopic evidence from peridotite mantle xenoliths. Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 257, 259-273 [Bizimis, M., Griselin, M., Lassiter, J.C., Salters, V.J.M., Sen, G.]

2006 A Case for Short Duration of Deccan Trap Eruption-EOS , v. 87, no. 20, 197-204 [Sen, G,. Borges, M., and Marsh, B.D.]

2006 Melt inclusions from Volcan Popocatepetl and Volcan de Colima, Mexico: melt evolution due to vapor-saturated crystallization during ascent. J. Volcanol. Geotherm. Res. 153, 221-240. [Atlas, Z.D., Dixon, J.E., Sen, G., Finney, M., Martin-Del-Pozzo, A. L.]

2005 Hawaiian lithosphere and magmas: Composition and thermal characteristics of the lithosphere beneath Oahu: Insights from mantle xenoliths. American Mineralogist 90, 871-887. [Sen, G., Keshav, S., and Bizimis, M.]

1991 Impacts, tsunamis, and the Haitian Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary layer: Science, 252, 1690-1693 [F. J-M. R. Maurrasse & G. Sen].

1990 Cumulate xenolith in Oahu, Hawaii: Implications for Deep Magma Chambers and Hawaiian volcanism: Science, 249, 1154-1157 [G.Sen & R. Jones]

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