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Course Number Course Title Instructor
Lecture Classes  
GLY 1010 Introduction to Earth Science

Neptune Srimal
Jose Longoria

GLY 1101 The History of Life Jose Longoria
GLY3100 Earth Through Time Laurie Collins
GLY 3034 Natural Disasters Jose Longoria
GLY3202 Earth Materials  
GLY 3510 Earth Resources  
GLY4300 Petrology K. P. Selvam
GLY 4660/5108  Paleoecology and Paleoenvironments  Laurie Collins
GLY 5107 Planet Earth: Evolving Earth  
GLY 5826 Hydrogeologic Modeling  
GLY5758 GIS and Spatial Analysis for Earth Scientists  
GLY 6328 Advanced Igneous Petrology  
MET 3502 and MET 3502L Synoptic Meteorology and Lab  
MET 4400 Meteorological Instrumentation and Observations  
MET 4532 Hurricanes (undergraduates)  
MET 5590 Hurricanes (Graduate)  
OCE3014 Oceanography  
Lab Classes
GLY1010L Labnotes in .pdf format
GLY1010L Powerpoints for Earth Science Lab
GLY1010L Introduction to Earth Sciences Lab Syllabus
GLY1101L The History of Life Labs
OCE 3014L Oceanography Lab Yosmel Sanchez
GLY 3039L Environmental Geology Lab
GLY 3510L Earth Resources Lab
GLY4300L Petrology Lab