Consulting Services    

  • Customer Services Workshop
    • Specializing in Fourth Generation Management [4GM]
    • Able to lead the complete 4GM Program or a short version tailored to local time constraints
    • Fees can be structured on an hourly or retainer basis
  • Library Consulting Services
    • An onsite visit, if desired or practical for both parties
    • Welcomed input from staff and associated parties concerning the purpose for the consulting and the need for changes and improvements
    • A written report, including recommendations
  • English Language Tutoring
    • Intensive, one-to-one instruction or small group instruction based upon arrangements
    • Written tutoring based upon real research, term papers, or other written work assigned in classes or at work
    • Conversational skills improvements
    • Fees are structured by the session

If you are interested, please send your request. A response is assured within 48 business hours.