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Helen M. Bhola

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About Helen M. Bhola
(Green Globe 21 International Environmental Consultant)

Born on the beautiful island of Grenada, I grew up for most of my years on the island and later as an adult, travelled extensively to learn about the culture, food and natural environment of the world. My travel took me to over 10 Caribbean islands, North America, Europe and Australia. My love for my country grew, when as a child I recognized the unique  beauty of our mountains, rivers, waterfalls and white sandy beaches, I knew then I would pursue a career in promoting and protecting my country and the environment.

I grew up picnicing in our rainforest, hiking in the mountains of Grenada from the lowest peak Mt. Qua-Qua to the highest peak on the island Mount St. Catherine 2757 feet above sea level. Playing on the many beautiful beaches (a total of 65), swimming in the rivers and waterfalls which are all part of the lush interior of the Spice Isle of the Caribbean, Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

With a keen interest in meeting people and showcasing the beauty of my unspoilt islands, I pursued the field of Hotel and Tourism management. I started my career as a receptionist and then went on to pursue my studies in The Bahamas and later on Canada and on my return was offerred the the job of Food and Beverage supervisor and later promoted to Administrative assistant and Food and Beverage Manager at a boutique and luxurious hotel Spice Island Beach Resort see. I later left to pursue my Bachelor's degree at University of the West Indies.

My love for nature and its protection allowed me to assist in environmental initiatives at Spice Island Beach Resort. This property became the first Green Globe certified property on the island of Grenada. There are many others that are presently Bench marked by Green Globe 21 which is the stage prior to certification. Spice Island Beach Resort is a 4 Diamond Resort which has won numerous service accolades in the international Hotel and Tourism field.

I then used the opportunity whilst pursuing my Bachelor's degree in the Bahamas to travel to Puerto Rico to be certified during a 5 day program with Green Globe 21 International. I was certified as an International Ecotourism Standards Consultant for that organization.  I have done some environmental consultancy work with organizations such as CAST (Caribbean Alliance for Sustainable Tourism) through The Bahamas Hotel Association through STEMM (Sustainable Tourism Enterprise Management and Marketing program). Green Globe 21 is an environmental standards organization which was established to  established standards to alleviate the damages done to the environment (social, culture and natural). As a result of the Earth's summit in 1992 in Rio de Janeiro standards were developed to help shape the future of the 21st century. Through this organization many hotels, businesses and ecolodges have become certified all around the world. The Hotel and Tourism industry are the worlds largest consumers of energy and gives out the greatest emissions as private sector organizations, thus by becoming more environmentally conscious they can make a significant difference in lessening on the Ozone layer's depletion, destruction to plant and animal habitats and species through pollution and deforestation and most importantly reduction off green house gases emitted. This will in turn lessen on global warming. This certification puts a property in an elite group of environmentally conscious operations, who not only have attained a certain level of environmental responsibility but must maintain it by an annual audit done by Green Globe 21. For more information see

My goal is to impact the service standards and environmental responsiblity of the Hotel and tourism industry for Grenada and later on the Caribbean.

Presently,  I am completing my Executive Distance Master's Tracking degree with Florida International University see and working at a local Community College as the Business Service Director, where I work with businesses to address their training needs, through partnering with the College and its resources to deliver them.

If you would like to find out how your property can become certified or how you as an individual can do your part to help protect the environment, please email me at the address below. We can all learn from this famous quote.

"A Native Indian quote"

Contact information: Helen M. Bhola- Dip Hons., BSc. Hons., Cert I.E.S., MSc.
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