FIU- Department of Earth & Environment
Dr. R. Hickey-Vargas                                                                                                     Spring 2010
GLY 5246 - Geochemistry

Contact information:
        Office: PC 315B
        Phone: 348-3471
        Office hours:  TBA

Recommended textbook to own:  Principles and Applications of Geochemistry by Faure, second edition
Recommended textbook to read:  Geochemistry, Pathways and Processes by Richardson, McSween and Uhle, 2nd Edition

Other useful referencesfor the course:
1) Introduction to Geochemistry by Krauskopf and Bird, third edition
2) Geochemistry by Brownlow, second edition
3) The Elements on Earth by Cox
4) A Compendium of Geochemistry by Li
5) Principles of Geochemistry by Ottonello

Geochemical Earth Reference Model Website:

Schedule of lectures

Week Lecture topics
Items Due Reading in McSween et al
Reading in Faure
Lecture notes in ppt
Jan 5
Introduction and overvies

Ch 1

Jan 12 Elemental abundances in the solar system & meteorites
Ch  1, 15
Ch 2, 3 and notes
Solar system
Meteorites & Earth
Jan 19 Composition of the Earth, core, mantle & crust Hwk 1
Ch 12, 227-233
Ch 4
Mantle & Crust.ppt
Jan 26 Elemental abundances in the oceans and atmosphere Hwk 2
Ch 8, 137-143
Ch 4, 23
Oceans & Atmosphere
Feb 2
Controls on elemental behavior in the earth Prob Set 1 (Tue), Hwk 3 (Thur)
Ch 2
Ch 5-7
Elemental Behavior
Feb 9 Radioactive isotopes and geochronology  Hwk 4 (Thur)
Ch 14
Ch 16
Radioactive isotopes
Feb 19 Stable isotope fractionation and geothermometry
Prob Set 2 (Fri)
Ch 13
Ch 17
Isotope mass fractionation
Feb 23 Stable Isotopes & review

Feb 25
Exam 1

Mar 2
Concepts of solutions, aqueous solutions

Ch 3 & Ch 4
Ch 9-10, Ch 11

Mar 9 Chemical weathering and oxidation-reduction reactions

Ch 7
Ch 12 & 14

Mar 16 Spring Break

Mar 23 Temperature and pressure as thermodynamic variables
Ch 9
Ch 11

March 30
Magmatic and mineral solutions

Ch 12, 234-end
Ch 8, 18 & notes

Apr 6 Diffusion and geochemical kinetics

Ch 5, 11
Ch 15

Apr 13 Finish & Review

Finals Week Exam Two

Grading policy and assignments:

Two in class exams (25% each)                     50% of grade for the course
Six problems sets                                          40%
Assorted small homework problems              10%
Problem sets are assigned about every two weeks, with two weeks for completion.  They emphasize the application of principles learned in class to geologic problems.  They are collected and graded. Short homework problems are assigned to familiarize you with specific kinds of calculations, with two days to a week for completion.  These are collected and returned. Answers are given in class. Exams cover material presented in lectures and assigned reading.