Dr. John Marraccini graduated from Harvard Medical School in 1978 and trained at the University of Miami School of Medicine and the Dade County Medical Examiner’s Office.  He has held appointments as Associate, Deputy Chief, and Chief Medical Examiner, and as Voluntary Assistant Professor of Pathology. He currently serves as a Forensic Advisor to the Criminal Justice Institute of Palm Beach Community College where he lectures to law enforcement officers and directs ongoing research in experimental bone trauma. His previous publications have reported on blood pressure effects of gunshot wounds, morphine and alcohol toxicology, scuba deaths, lethal man-of-war envenomation, sudden cardiac death, insecticide fumigant deaths, and experimental cancer research.   He is a board certified in Anatomic, Clinical, and Forensic Pathology and is a member of local, state, and national medical examiner and physician organizations.