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Administered by IFRI, the International Forensic Science Institute, based in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, the Master of Science in Forensic Science, Report Option Professional Track On-Line, is an interdisciplinary program designed to prepare students for careers in local, state and national forensic science laboratories. The program may also be suitable preparation for doctoral instruction in several disciplines.

Admission Requirements: To be admitted into the Master's degree program in Forensic Science, a student must:

1. Hold a Bachelor's degree in a natural science;

2. Have a 3.0 GPA in upper-level work and a combined score (verbal and quantitative) of 1000 or higher on the Graduate Record Exam;

3. Two letters of recommendation of the student's academic potential;

4. Be accepted by a faculty sponsor;

5. Receive approval from the Graduate Committee;

6. Foreign students whose native language is not English must take the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) and obtain a score of 550 or higher, and

7. Must be working in the field. This option requires the student to perform their research at their laboratory on a topic approved by a faculty member of IFRI and an onsite supervisor who oversees and supports the efforts of the student. The student must be employed and have approval from their laboratory director to engage in this program. The courses are offered online, but certain courses require the presence of the student on campus for no more than a week in order to complete laboratory workshops, presentations and final examinations. Typically this is one week at the end of the semester. The findings and conclusions of the research project are written up and presented to a panel of faculty, but it does not involve a formal committee as with the traditional onsite thesis MS program.

*Minimum requirement is the equivalent of a bachelor's degree in biology, chemistry or related science approved by the graduate committee.

Degree Requirements:
The Master of Science in Forensic Science consists of a minimum of 32 credits, including a thesis based upon the student's original research or completion of an independent study report option available for students with forensic science lab work experience upon approval of the graduate committee.

A maximum of six credits of post-baccalaureate coursework may be transferred from other institutions, subject to the approval of the Graduate Committee.

Report Option Required courses (32 credits): Credits

  • BSC 5406 Forensic Biology (3)
  • CHM 5542 Forensic Chemistry (3)
  • CHM 5531 Forensic Analysis (3)
  • CHS 5539 Forensic Toxicology (3) or PCB 5665 Human Genetics (3)
  • CHM 5165 Chemometrics (3) or PCB 5685 Population Genetics (3)
  • BSC5931 or CHM 6935 or approved cognate 1 (1)
  • BSC 5975 or CHM 6936 or approved cognate 1 (1)
  • CHS5xxx Independent Study in Forensic Science(3)
  • Electives 2 (12)

1 Equivalent courses in the students area(s) of thesis concentration may be substituted upon approval by the thesis committee in consultation with the Graduate Program Director (i.e. CCJ, GLY, PHY, PSY).

2 Additional graduate-level courses, workshops and laboratories (excluding research and seminar) from participating departments approved by the thesis committee in consultation with the Graduate Program Director.

Dee Mills, Ph.D., Forensic Graduate Program Director
Director, Forensic DNA Profiling Facility
Dept. of Biological Sciences, OE 167
Florida International University
Miami, FL 33199
Office: 305 348 7410; cell 305 793 6787
Labs: 305 348 0498; 305 348 0390

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