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Analysis by when people came from Cuba


political changes will occur

Over the past few years, people have been talking about the possibility of political changes in Cuba. When do you think that major political changes are likely to occur in Cuba? Would you say within one year, in two to five years, in six to ten years, over ten years, or never?

U.S. companies sell medicine

[IF ON THESE QUESTIONS YOU GET THE RESPONSE "NOT AS LONG AS FIDEL OR RAUL ARE IN POWER" SAY: This question is about Cuba as it is now. Do you favor or oppose...] Over the years, the United States government has often supported different policies toward Cuba. I am going to read you some of the different policies that have been proposed and I would like you to tell me whether you favor or oppose these policies. First, allow companies to sell medicine to Cuba, do you strongly favor, mostly favor, mostly oppose, or strongly oppose this?

U.S. companies sell food

Allowing U.S. companies to sell food to Cuba. [..Do you strongly favor, mostly favor, mostly oppose, or strongly oppose this?]

direct U.S. military action

Supporting direct U.S. military action to overthrow the Cuban government. [...Do you strongly favor, mostly favor, mostly oppose, or strongly oppose this?]

Support military action by exiles

Supporting military action by the exile community to overthrow the Cuban Government. [...Do you strongly favor, mostly favor, mostly oppose, or strongly oppose this?]

human rights groups inside Cuba

Supporting human rights groups inside Cuba. [...Do you strongly favor, mostly favor, mostly oppose, or strongly oppose this?]

national dialogue

Establishing a national dialogue among Cuban exiles, Cuban dissidents, and representatives of the Cuban government. [...Do you strongly favor, mostly favor, mostly oppose, or strongly oppose this?]

US ban on business

Prohibiting U.S companies from doing business with Cuba. [...Do you Strongly approve, mostly approve, mostly disapprove, or strongly disapprove?]

US embargo works

Overall, do you think the U.S. embargo of Cuba has worked very well, well, not very well, or not at all?

support US embargo

Do you fDo you favor or oppose continuing the U.S. embargo of Cuba?avor or oppose continuing the U.S. embargo of Cuba?

political involvement after Cuba

Immediately after Fidel and Raul Castro leave power, do you think the United States should be very involved in what happens politically in Cuba, somewhat involved, or not involved at all?

next president

Immediately after Fidel and Raul Castro leave power, which do you think would be better: that the next president of Cuba be someone now living in Cuba, or be someone from the exile community?

Cuban-Amer politicians major role after Castro

In your opinion, are there any Cuban-American politicians or individuals who will play a major role in Cuba when the transition to a democratic system occurs?

unrestricted travel

Should unrestricted travel from the U.S. to Cuba be allowed or not?

candidate's election position

In political elections, how important is a candidate's position on Cuba in determining your vote - would you say it is very important, moderately important, not very important, or not at all important?

all points of view heard in Miami

In Miami right now, do you feel that all points of view on how to deal with the Castro regime are being heard or do you feel that some views are not being heard?

would you return to Cuba

What if Cuba changed to a democratic form of government. How likely is it that you would return to Cuba to live - would you say very likely, somewhat likely, not very likely, or not at all likely?

migration policy

Currently the United States allows 20,000 Cubans per year to come to the United States to live. In general, do you agree or disagree with this migration policy?

Cuban adjustment act

As it stands, Cubans who leave by raft or boat are sent back to Cuba if they are intercepted before they reach U.S. soil. If they do reach U.S. soil they are allowed to stay in the U.S. Do you agree or disagree with this policy?

reason leave Cuba

If you have to choose only one reason, do you think the primary reason people want to come from Cuba to the U.S. is for economic reasons or is due to lack of freedom in Cuba? [INTERVIEWER IF THEY SAY "BOTH" ASK: If you had to pick one reason what would it be? IF THEY STILL INSIST ON BOTH, CHECK #3]

ed and researcher exchange

Do you think exchanging teachers and researchers between universities in Cuba and the United States is a good thing, a bad thing, or it doesn't make any difference?

ban musical groups from Cuba

Some people argue that musical groups that come from Cuba, such as Los Van Van, should not be allowed to perform in Miami. Do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

county ordinance

Miami-Dade County had an ordinance that prevented the use of County funds to be used for events that include artists from Cuba. Did you agree or disagree with this policy?

followed Elian story

Now I would like to ask you a few questions about the Elian Gonzalez situation. How closely did you follow the news about the story? Did you follow it very closely, somewhat closely, not very closely, or did you not pay any attention to it at all?

opinion on Elian

Thinking back to when the Elian case was going on, at that time what did you think should happen to Elian Gonzalez? Did you think he should remain in the U.S. with his relatives in Miami or return to Cuba to live with his father?

Elian opinion

From the beginning of the Elian situation to now, have you had the same opinion on what should have been done, or were there changes over time in what you thought should be done?

Cuban-Amer community

In your opinion, were the interests of the Cuban-American community in Miami HELPED or HURT by the events surrounding the Elian affair?

participate group activity

Did you participate in any group activity surrounding the Elian case?

local media fair

Overall, do you think that the media here in Miami presented the issues in the Elian case fairly and objectively?

national news fair

And overall, do you think that the national news media presented the issues in the Elian case fairly and objectively?

change opinion of US/Cuba relations after Elian

Would you say that the events associated with the Elian case have made you change your opinion about U.S./Cuba relations, or did they not change your opinion?

ethnic relations now vs. before in Miami

Much has been said about the impact of the Elian case on ethnic relations in Miami. Do you think that ethnic relations in the Miami area are worse, about the same, or better now than before the Elian case?

handled Elain case differently

From what you know about the case now, do you think that the Elian Gonzalez situation should have been handled differently than it was?

Miami banana republic

Miami has been represented as having the characteristics of a "banana republic." Do you think that the label is deserved?

relatives still in Cuba

Do you have any close relatives still living in Cuba?

traveled to Cuba

Have you ever traveled to Cuba [IF BORN IN CUBA: since you left]?

news language

What language do you prefer to get your news in?

Cuba news source

Where do you get most of your news about Cuba -- newspapers, television, radio or some other source?

Pres vote plans

Finally, I have three last questions on political issues: [IF REGISTERED TO VOTE] Could you tell me whether you plan to vote for Al Gore or for George W. Bush in the November election for president?

diplomatic relations

Suppose that on Election Day this year you could vote on key issues as well as candidates. Please tell me whether you would vote for or against each one of the following propositions: Would you vote for or against: re-establishing US diplomatic relations with Cuba?

vote US embargo

Would you vote for or against: ending the US trade embargo with Cuba?