1997 FIU Cuba Poll

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Table of Contents

1. When will major political change occur in Cuba?

2. Allow companies to sell medicine

3. Allow U.S companies to sell food

4. Support U.S. military action to overthrow

5. Support exile military action to overthrow

6. Support human rights groups inside Cuba

7. Establish national dialogue

8. Prohibit U.S. companies from doing business with Cuba

9. Overall how well has embargo worked?

10. Favor or oppose continuing embargo

11. No. of Cubans getting visas to live in US should increase or decrease

12. Penalizing foreign companies doing business in Cuba

13. Allow to sue for seized property

14. How much have you heard about Helms-Burton?

15. Helms-Burton good or bad as way to bring change in Cuba?

16. President or the U.S. Congress decide when embargo ends

17. Which more important: free elections or free market economy?

18. After Fidel how involved should U.S. be in Cuba?

19. After Fidel should next president of Cuba be exile or person living in Cuba?

20. What effect visit of Pope to Cuba

21. What effect on US economy of embargo end and more trade

22. Allow travel to visit relatives

23. Allow travel just to visit

24. Prefer to get news in Spanish or in English

25. Where do you get most of your news about Cuba

26. Good or bad for CNN to have bureau in Cuba

27. Good or bad for Miami Herald to have bureau in Cuba

28. How important position on Cuba for your vote in elections

29. All points of view are being heard in Miami now?

30. How feel about ban on music from Cuba on radio

31. How feel about decision re Montanes

32. Your opinion on these issues reflects community how much

33. Would return to Cuba if better economy?

34. Would return to Cuba if democratic government?

34A. Would go return to Cuba if both?

35. If new government in Cuba would more people come to US?

36. How feel about decision to deport Nicaraguans

50. Are you a U.S. citizen?

51. Are you registered to vote?

52. Political party

55. Presidential vote

56. Immigration/welfare changes necessary

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Revised July 21, 1997 by Hugh Gladwin