BOT 1010L - Spring 2013

Department of Biological Sciences, Florida International University
BOT 1010L:  Introductory Botany Lab Syllabus

Instructors/Teaching Assistants (TA):   Beyte Barrios Roque, Angelle Bullard-Roberts
TA office and office hours:  provided by your TA          
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Lab sections:




Lab Room

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Angelle Bullard-Roberts





Angelle Bullard Roberts





Beyte Barrios Roque






Beyte Barrios Roque


Lab Manual:  Lab assignments will be available on-line and should be printed out and read before coming to class.  Lecture syllabus:
Reading Assignments:  Every student is required to read each lab assignment before the lab period.  This is essential for you to fully understand the procedures and to be able to complete the tasks and answer the questions for each assignment.  Weekly quizzes will be based on the assigned readings for the previous week.  Bring your lab manual and notebooks to class each week.  Grading Scale:
         A= 90-100%; B= 80-89%; C= 70-79%; D= 60-69%; F= 0-59% 
Quizzes and homework    100 pts  (11 assignments/drop lowest grade)
Pot-luck presentation        50 pts
Final:                                100 pts  
Lab Portfolios:                 100 pts

Lab Participation:             50 pts

Attendance at lab is mandatory!  If you miss more than 2 labs you will receive an F as your lab grade, regardless of whether you have an excuse.  You must be registered for the section that you plan on attending and you must attend ALL of the labs.  If this is going to be a problem, you need to drop this course.  We will always have more than enough to do in the time provided.  Do NOT schedule doctor or dentist appointments during class time.   

Lab Notebook: Please use a 3-ring binder notebook to use for your lab notebook (your TA has an example).  You will use this notebook to hold your print-outs of the lab exercises and to write your observations and results from both inside and outside experiments and field trips.
The lab notebook provides information to direct your observation and study of plant specimens and other materials, as well as directions for your experiments, and demonstrations.  Bring your notebook to every lab period.    

Lab portfolios:   Construction of a laboratory portfolio will assist you in recalling data, observations and experiences, and assist in the evaluation of your learning.  Knowledge gained in the laboratory is expected to be incorporated into your learning portfolios, and will be included in quizzes and exams. You are expected to do your own work.  When lab work is being conducted as a series of teams, then it is expected that data and results will be shared within and between teams, but written summaries and answers to questions must be done individually.  Video and digital images may also be shared among and between teams.  Each student's portfolio should be your own original collection of observations and information, put together in a meaningful way.  Your portfolio will be submitted to your lab instructor twice:  once at midterm time, and at the end of the lab course.  The last lab portfolio will be due by 5 pm the Friday before the final exam.  These will be submitted in a digital format.  See lab notebook for more detailed instructions.

Participation in the laboratory classroom will be evaluated by your work ethic and attention to the matters at hand as well as your assistance in organizing and contributing to the various activities and clean up. 

 Quizzes:  Expect there to be a quiz every class meeting.  Quizzes will be at the beginning of the lab period.  The material will cover the previous lab and the material for the lab that day, so make sure that you read that day's lab material before coming to class.  You will receive a grade of 0 if you arrive in lab after the quiz has been handed out.  There will be no make-up quizzes given.
Practical Exams:  There will be a final practical exam on the date designated for the Final Exam.  There will be no make-up exams given.

 Course Policies

You are expected to be on time to class, and to stay the full period. You are expected to maintain high standards of academic honesty. Any student found in violation of these standards will earn an automatic F and be reported to the Deans Office, no exceptions made. In accordance with FIU's policy on academic honesty, as set forth in Section 2.44 of the Academic Affairs Policies and Procedures Manual (, it is expected that students in Intro Botany will not submit the academic work of another as their own. Additional discussion of academic honesty and integrity may be found in the Manual of Student Conduct.   


Schedule of Events 





Jan 8-9

First meeting of class            Glossary


Jan 15-16

Introduction and planting for growth experiments. Inside


Jan 22-23

Introduction to plants on campus, planting garden. Outside


Jan 29-30

Scientific method and general plant morphology.  Inside and outside


Feb 5-6

Growth experiments, apical dominance. Inside, outside, and greenhouse.


Feb 12-13

Transpiration experiment. Inside outside, and greenhouse; check on growth trials and hormone experiments.  


Feb 19-20

Introduction to microscope, biology of periphyton, demos of fungi, algae and lichens. Inside


Feb 26-27

  General campus and conservatory tour, primitive plants and gymnosperms. Outside 


Mar 5-6

 Visit to Fairchild Tropical Garden. Outside.  Portfolios due by Friday 5 pm. 


Mar 12-13

Spring Break; no lab this week


Mar 19-20

Supermarket botany, flowers and fruits.  Inside.


Mar 26-27

Visit to the Everglades (Shark Valley). Outside


Apr 2-3

Plants at FIU. Outside    Key to campus plants (do not print out for lab--copies available in class)  for use of dichotomous keys. See also (guides to palms and trees at FIU) and (Nature Preserve guide)


Apr 9-10

Visit to Fruit and Spice Park.  Outside


Apr 16-17

Botanical pot-luck with your presentation of plants used.  Inside

Portfolios due by 5 pm Friday.


Apr 23-24

Final Exam 

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