Plant Talk

An informal lunchtime seminar venue in the Biology Department at Florida International University

We will usually meet on Wednesdays at noon in WC 130 [see specific date and time schedule below]

We invite you to join us

for this year's smorgasbord of:

relaxed research presentations, half-baked hypotheses, travelogues, virtual visits to near and far away field sites, and who knows?  The lineup is ever-changing and the best is yet to come...

If you would like more information, or to give a presentation, please contact Suzanne Koptur (ph. 305-348-3103)



date and location (WC 130 unless otherwise)



15 Sep 2010

David Lee

Ayurveda - Plants as Medicine

22 Sep

Carla Cao

Adventures in Lebanon

29 Sep

Chad Husby

Botanizing in New Caledonia

20 Oct

Jayanti Mukherjee

A walk through a biodiveristy 'hotpsot' of the Indian subcontinent

27 Oct

Peter J. Hogarth, University of York


3 Nov - 2 pm in WC 130

Paulo Olivas

Arctic Ecosystem Responses to Changes in Water Availability and Warming: Short and Long-Term Responses

5 Nov - 2 pm in WC 130

Cary Pirone

Bilirubin: An Animal Pigment in the Plant Kingdom

17 Nov

Yu Mingjian

and Hu Guang

Biodiversity in the famous Thousand Island Lake in
China: studies on land-bridge islands focusing on effects of habitat

19 Jan 2011

Jorge E. Peña, UF TREC

Lauraceae Trees and Asian Ambrosia Beetles: Naïve Hosts in the New world?

26 Jan

Suzanne Koptur

Children's Gardens

 2 Feb

Scott Zona

A Botanical Tour of Chile

16 Feb

Daniel Carrillo, UF TREC

A new Invasive Mite and Host Plants in Florida and the Caribbean

23 Feb

Brian Machovina

Sourcing and Marketing Plant Products

 2 Mar

Zoe Smith (SERC)

Orchids and mycorrhizae – restoration in Australia

23 Mar

David Lee

The Natural History of the Columbia Plateau

30 Mar

 Jason Downing

 The impact of an invasive bee on an endemic pollination mutualism – master’s thesis defense

20 Apr

 Kiki Mutis (FTBG)

 Amazon Conservation Biology in Suriname