Plant Talk

An informal lunchtime seminar venue in the Biology Department at Florida International University - Thursdays at 12:30 pm in WC 130

We invite you to join us

for relaxed research presentations, half-baked hypotheses, travelogues, virtual visits to near and far away field sites, and who knows?  The lineup is ever-changing...

If you would like more information, or to give a presentation, please contact Suzanne Koptur (ph. 305-348-3103) or Scott Zona (ph. 305-348-1247).





25 August 2011

1 September

Brad Bennett

Florida Bromeliaceae

8 September

no plant talk today

15 September

Michael Calonje

The cycad genus Zamia in the Bahamas: plant exploration, conservation, and outreach

22 September

Klara Scharnagl

Fungal biodiversity in northern Thailand

29 September

David Lee

Natural History of the North Cascades Mountains

6 October

no plant talk today

MBRS symposium

13 October

Javier Francisco-Ortega

David Fairchild's Plant Hunting Expedition to the Canary Islands

20 October

no plant talk this week

EPAC meeting in Gainesville

27 October

3 November

Suzanne Koptur

Australian plant/animal interactions

10 November

Tonya D. Fotinos

Conservation genetics and clonality estimates of Pilosocereus robinii, the Key Tree Cactus (Proposal seminar)

17 November

Brian Machovina

Suitability Modeling of Banana Cultivation (Proposal seminar)

1 December

Carol Landry (Ohio State University)

The pollination ecology of white mangrove, Laguncularia racemosa: A common plant with an uncommon breeding system

8 December

Esperanza Martinez-Romero (UNAM, Mexico)

Rhizospheric and gut bacteria:  common characteristics and roles in hosts




12 January 2012

first week of classes - no plant talk today

19 January

Dr. Masahisa Nakamura (Shiga University, Japan)

freshwater ecology around Lake Biwa

26 January

Jeremy May

Monitoring Plant Community Change in Northern Alaska

2 February

9 February

Suzanne Koptur (and true experts?)

The Great Backyard Bird Count - the role of plants

16 February

23 February

Dr. Brett Jestrow (Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden)

Herbarium Happenings at FTBG:  development, research, and projects

1 March

Dr. David Lee

Dr. Eleanor Galt: Miami's first scientist

8 March

Glaser seminar speaker - Dr. Lacey Knowles (University of Michigan)

Next Generation Sequencing and Phylogenomics

15 March

spring break - no plant talk


22 March

Wuying Lin - Master's defense seminar

Comparative reproductive biology of a rare endemic orchid and its sympatric congeners in southwestern China

29 March

Dr. Susan Sprunt (Florida State Parks)

Morphology and Systematics of Pleopeltis ferns

5 April

Ian Wogan, FIU alumnus (Gardens of Ian)

Special Earth Day Presentation - Edible Landscaping

12 April

Anuradha Gunathilake (U. Miami)

Sri Lanka- A biodiversity hotspot

19 April

Dr. Ligia Collado-Vides

Macroalgae in Biscayne Bay: potential indicators of salinity and nutrient status