Plant Talk 2013-2014

An informal lunchtime seminar venue in the Biology Department

at Florida International University - Wednesday from noon to 1 pm

 in the newly renovated WC 130  

[or other times and places as listed below]

We invite you to join us

for relaxed research presentations, half-baked hypotheses, travelogues, virtual visits to near and far away field sites, and who knows?  The lineup is ever-changing...

If you would like more information, or to give a presentation, please contact Scott Zona (ph. 305-348-1247) or Suzanne Koptur (ph. 305-348-3103).




18 September 2013

Javier Francisco-Ortega & Scott Zona

Palms as a Source of Sugar

2 October

Eric Bishop von Wettberg

The Hunt for Wild Chickpea – Adventures in Turkey 2013

16 October

Brad Bennett

The Eden Project

6 November

Chad Husby


20 November

Ian Jones

Plants of Kilimanjaro

4 December

Julia Gehring

Response of Florida Rosemary Scrub to Varying Fire Regimes

15 January 2014

Ryan Vogel

South Florida Trees and Gardening

5 February

Martina Hillbrand

The influence of climate and humans on the environment between 6000 and 800 BC - palaeoecology and archaeobotany of prehistoric settlements at Lake Nussbaumersee (Switzerland)

26 February

David Lee

The World as Garden: The Life and Writings of David Fairchild

26 March

Ken Johnson

Burn site: Pineland Recovery from an English Professor's Perspective

16 April

Gene Rosenberg

Pioneers of algal exploration in Florida