Physics with Calculus I: 2048-U30 / 2048L-U30

Fall 2008

Professor: Laird Kramer


8:30 am - 10:45 am, VH165

Last Update: Tuesday, November 4, 2008 6:51 AM


Class Schedule

WarmUps and Notes:

Chapter 1

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Chapter 2

Notes: N1

Chapter 3

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Chapter 4

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Chapter 5


Chapter 6

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Chapter 7


Chapter 8


Chapter 9


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Chapter 15


MasteringPhysics Homework System Class ID: MPKRAMER83580

Note: Due dates in MP are accurate / Dates reset as we progress

Scores are NOT accurate (80/90% Rules applied in BkBd)


Formula Sheet to be included with Exam 2

The formula sheet is included with the exam, but this is a preview. Please note what IS and IS NOT on the formula sheet. Not being there means that you are still responsible for the material, I just didn't write down the formula. I may entertain suggestions of additions, so you should look it over carefully before exam day.

If you are having trouble reading the formula sheet, please email me with the details.

Class Mailing List: contact me directly for info

Class Grades: Located in WebCT (

WebCT Login Infomation
Our class is "PHY 2048 U30 Physics With Calculus 1" which should be listed when you log in. All information that has been collected is located in the system, so you should check your data for accuracy. Let me know if there are problems -- email me .


Or how to figure out what those columns in WebCT mean

WB1 Circle WB: Paper Airplane  
WB2 CWB: Constant Motion Lab  
WB3 CWB: Acceleration Lab  
WB4 CWB: Homework Pblms  
WB5 CWB: Accel Motion Graphs  
WB6 CWB: Ramp Lab   3
WB7 CWB: Picket Fence Lab   3
WB8 CWB: 1-d Problem Solving
WB9 CWB: 2-d Problem Solving   3
WB10 CWB: Force Lab   4/5
WB11 CWB: 4 Problems   4/5
WB12 CWB: 4 Problems   4/5
WB13 CWB: End of 7 Problems   4/5
WB14 CWB: Circular Motion Lab   3/4/5
WB15 CWB: Circular Motion Pblms   3/4/5
WB16 CWB: Ball Drop Lab   6/7
WB17 CWB: MP HW Pblms   4/5
WB18 CWB: Energy Pie Charts   6/7
WB19 CWB: Energy Lab   6/7
WB20 CWB: Energy Problems   8
WB21 CWB: Unit VII WS 4  
WB22 CWB: Collisions Lab   8
WB23 CWB: Unit IX WS 2  
WB24 CWB:   8
WB25 CWB:   8
WS1 Constant Motion HW   2
WS2 Accel Motion Graphs   2
WS3 1-d Problem Solving   2
WS4 2-d Problems   3
WS5 Force Diagrams  
WS6 4 Problems   4/5
WS7 Albert Einstein   4/5
WS8 Homework  


WS9 7 Force Problems  


WS10 Unit VIII WS 2   3/4/5
WS11 Energy Pie Charts   6/7
WS12 Ranking Task: KE   6/7
WS13 Energy Problems   6/7
WS14 Unit VII WS 4   6/7
WS15 Unit IX WS 2   8
WS16 Unit IX WS 3   8
Investigating Constant Motion Lab  
L2 Inv. Const. Acceleration Lab   2
L3 Target Lab   2/3
L4 Inv. Forces Lab   4/5
L5 Inv. Bouncing Ball Lab   6/7
L6 Inv. Energy Conservation Lab   6/7
L7 Inv. Collisions Lab   8
Where WB is a circular whiteboarding presentation, WS is a worksheet handed in, and L is a lab handed in.

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