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The purpose of this guide to Haitian Creole Language studies and research is to provide you with a combined print and web-link source for the study and research of the Haitian Creole Language.

Searching in WebLUIS

There are two basic types of searches to perform in WebLUIS. Either search can be effective, but the results of the search can vary greatly.

Subject Searching

Subject searching is dependant upon the use of specific, official subject headings from the Library of Congress Subject Headings. These books, known affectionately as the "red books" can be found throughout the library. Consulting the "red books" will offer you many Library of Congress subject headings. This heading --

s = creole dialects, french -- haiti

will be sufficient enough to begin your search for Haitian Creole Language study and research materials in the FIU Libraries.

Keyword Searching

The second method of searching by keywords can be very powerful if you remember that the word(s) you use can be located anywhere within a bibliographic record's text, and may or may not pertain to the subject or topic which you are searching. For example, if your topic required that you search the FIU Libraries Catalog for a Haitian Creole-English, English-Haitian Creole language dictionary, your keyword search command could be --

k = haitian creole english dictionary

Library Resources


Diksyone kreyol angle. Vilsaint, Fequiere.
Location: N.MIAMI Reference, Call Number: PM7854.H34 V57 1991

Haitian Creole-English dictionary. Target, Jean.
Location: N.MIAMI Reference, Call Number: PM7854.H34 T37 1993

Haitian Creole-English English-Haitian Creole medical dictionary with glossary of food and drink: medicine in Haiti II. Freeman, Bryant C.
Location: UNIV.PARK Reference, Call Number: R121 .F79 1992

Manual breve de lengua creol: diccionario creol-espanol/espanol-creol. Didiez, Nelson.
Location: UNIV.PARK General Collection, Call Number: PM7854.H32 D53 1984

Haitian Creole-English-French dictionary.
Location: UNIV.PARK General Collection, Call Number: PM7854.H32 D34 1981

Grammar Guides

Basic course in Haitian creole. Valdman, Albert.
Location: UNIV.PARK General Collection, Call Number: PM7854.H3 V3 1971

Bel pouezi, bel istoua. Levy, Marie-Jocelyne Trouillot.
Location: UNIV.PARK Curr. Textbooks, Call Number: PM7854.H32 L42 1983

Creole phonology. Tinelli, Henri.
Location: N.MIAMI General Collection, Call Number: PM7831 .T5

Survival Creole [2nd edition]. Freeman, Bryant C.
Location: UNIV.PARK General Collection, Call Number: PM7854.H32 F73 1992

Verb Guides

Currently, the library does not own a Haitian-Creole verb guide. Please refer to a Haitian-Creole grammar book for assistance.

Web Sources and Gateways

Looking for Haitian Creole Language newspapers, journals, or magazines? Need to learn Haitian Creole? Click on this link for available online Haitian Creole Language sources.

Cyberzines, E-Journals, and Language Learning Resources

Online Dictionaries and Translation Assistance

Go directly to online dictionaries and translators. These sites were neither created by or are not the responsibility of the FIU Libraries. Periodic reviews may result in the addition, retention, or removal of any site based upon collection development policies. You may wish to bookmark favored sites.

Online Dictionaries & Translation Assistance

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