New Contributions



Special Events:

Community Service: TV. Boradcastig, and Radio Appearances:
1994, November-Dicember: 60  minutes, TELEVISA, Nation-wide
broadcast.  The Cretaceous/Tertiary boundary.

1994, October 15: Radio MAMBI, Miami:- Earthquake in San Francisco
causes and effects.

 1997-present:Representing the Mexican Geological Society in USA.

1994-1998: Organizer of the International Symposium on Foraminifera

1997,  March, Speaker, seminar on Natural Disaster Management organized
by the Inetrnational Hurricane Center, FIU.

1997, Oct., Speaker, Workshop for Hurricane Researchers, International
Hurricane Center, FIU.

1997, Nov., Participant as an FIU member at the Gulf of Mexico Governorsí
meeting on education.

Invited speaker to Hispanic Heritage Seminar, Miami-Dade Community
College. I gave a seminar on the Chicxulub Asteroid Impact in Yucatan,
Mexico (More than 500 students attended the seminar)

TeleMundo, TV. Invited speaker at El Salvador earthquake disaster, special
broadcasting. January, 2000.

   GSA 98
   Primera Reunión Nacional de Ciencias de la Tierra (Mexico)