Natural Disasters at Home!
Flood of October 3, 2000
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west entrancecampus support complexw3 facilityw3 facilitycampus support facilityNOAA National Weather CenterNOAA National Weather CenterNOAA National Weather Center107 Av Canal107 Av Canal-Turnpike107 av side of campuswest side new elementry schoolphysical facilitiesSW114Av baseball fieldSW114Av  parking lotSW 114 av and SW 17 stSW 114 av and botanical reserveSW 114 av and football fieldSW 114 av and football fieldhousing facilitySW114 Av and parcking lot107 av side of campussouth parking lotparking lot 7ASW 114 Av

FOR EXTRA CREDIT: Analysis of Flooding in our area. 

You need to do the following:
1.- Review the filed photos in the ablum above.
2.- Make an Online Hazard Map (a flood map of FIU area)  according to FEMA's data base. Here is the data you need: Zip Code: 33199; City: Miami, State: FL; Hazard Type of Map: Flood Hazard Areas.
3.- Study the Flood Hazard Area Map provided by FEMA.
4.- Compare FEMA's projection of flood area and flood risk with the filed photographs provided above.
5.- Write a report (1-3 pages) on your observations on flooding as a natural disaster in FIU University Park Campus. Special attention should be given to mitigation and vulnerability.

 View the FEMA's Concept of Mitigation