SECTION III: The Hydrosphere
Week 12, 3/26-4/1:     3.6 Solution Processes: Karst Topography

Reading Assignment:  Chapter 17
3.6 Solution Processes: Karst Topography

Unit (Chapter) Plan:
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Abilities Acquired
(what you learned)

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Contents (course topics):

The Impact of Solution Processes on the Landscape
Solution and Precipitation
Caverns and Related Features
Karst Topography
Hydrothermal Features
    Hot Springs
   Hydrothermal Features in Yellowstone

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Activities (things you must do):
Read Chapter 16 of your textbook
Abilities Acquired (what you learned):

By the end of this chapter you should be able to:
 1.- Explain the term fumarole
2.- Explain the term karst
3.- Explain the term stalactites
4.- Give another name for sinkholes
5.- Identify the type of deposits  under which caves are found in most parts of the world
6.- Give the name given to the structure that results when a stalactite meets a stalagmite
7.- Give the name assigned to the flow when hot water is ejected from a geyser
8.- Name the two conditions that are required for the making of travertine
9.- Identify the geological structure that is found  just beneath the surface of Yellowstone National Park
10.- Give a feature that enhances the rate of solution of bedrock
11.- Indicate the cause of the brilliant colors around hot springs and geysers
12.- Identify the karst feature that conflict with urban land uses in Florida
13.- Explain the reason what is the reason for  the astounding rate of appearance of new sinkholes in Florida.
14.- List four  "limy" rocks
15.- Give the name assigned to a complex of intersecting dolines.

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