SECTION II: The Atmosphere
Week 9, Drought/Desertification || The Topography of Arid Lands, ch18


Reading Assignment:  Chapter 18
The Topography of Arid Lands

Unit (Chapter) Plan:
(unit topics)
(things you must do)
Abilities Acquired
(what you learned)

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Contents (course topics):

A Specialized Environment
Running Water in Waterless Regions
    Surface Water in the Desert
    Fluvial Erosion in Arid Lands
    Fluvial Deposition in Arid Lands
Desert Surfaces—Ergs, Regs, and Hamadas
The Work of the Wind
    Aeolian Erosion
    Aeolian Transportation
    Aeolian Deposition
Two Characteristic Desert Landform Assemblages
    Basin-and-Range Terrain
    Mesa-and-Scarp Terrain
People and the Environment: Desertification
    Death Valley: A Primer of Basin-and-Range Terrain

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Activities (things you must do):
Read Chapter 18 of your textbook
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Abilities Acquired (what you learned):

By the end of this chapter you should be able to:
 In a few words describe:
    1.- the desert know as  salina.
    2..- the feature know as pediment
    3.-  the term deflation
    4.- the term loess
    5.-  the concept of Mesa. What is the orgin of the word Mesa?
    6.-  the term playa of the Basin and Ragne topography.
    7.-  the badlands of arid lands.
    8.- the term wadi. From what languages is this term originated from?
9.- Name the single most important agent of landscape formation in deserts.
10.- Name the best example of the remnant of a Pleistocene lake in the western U.S.A.
11.- Name Africa's best example of an exotic river.
12.- Give the name of the country where  the world's longest expanse of coastal dunes is located.
13.- Identify  an other name given to a deflation hollow .
14.- Name an exotic river in the USA.
15.-Explain the concept of  bajada
16.- State the name given to the steeper leeward side of a sand dune.
17.- Identify the name of the large lake that during recent geologic time has occupied the Death Valley.
18.- Give the name assigned to dry lake beds with especially heavy salt concentrations.
19.- Give another term given to desert pavement.
20.-  Give the rock composition of most alluvial fans.

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