FOR WEB ASSISTED -HYBRID- MODALITY. Note about exam times: In keeping with university policy, accommodations for students who wish to observe their religious holidays will try to be made. Students should make these requests known at the beginning of the semester. If you are scheduled to be away for any reason during a scheduled exam, you should not take this course. If you have a time conflict with the final exam (see for possible conflicts) do not take this course.
Instructor – Professor Jose F. Longoria,  Department of Earth Sciences
Contact Information:
Department of Earth Sciences
Office: PC 321
Office Hours: M&F 10:00AM - 11:45AM; 2:30PM - 4:30PM, or by appointment
Course Policies – The course is based mainly on the lectures. The topics of the lectures are also  covered in the textbook, although lectures include material not covered in the textbook, and the textbook includes material not covered in the lectures.  If you rely on the textbook without attending lectures, you will not receive all of the information that is covered on the exams. Also material cover in the videos will be considered for the exams.
You are expected to maintain high standards of academic honesty. Any student found in violation of these standards will earn an automatic F and be reported to the Deans Office, no exceptions made. In accordance with FIU's policy on academic honesty, as set forth in Section 2.44 of the Academic Affairs Policies and Procedures Manual (, it is expected that students in GLY3034 will neither submit the academic work of another as their own, nor provide work they have done for another student to be submitted as that other student's work.
Students are required to attend all the lectures,  it is rare that a student who does not regularly attend the lectures will learn enough to get a final grade of A or B. This includes students who make arrangements for others to take notes for them, because other people's notes are not usually as useful as your own.

Discipline during the lecture will be strictly enforced: No disruption of lecture will be tolerated.

Exams and Grading – Exams will take place as scheduled unless university classes are canceled. The format of the regular and final exams is multiple choice. The regular exams and the final exam count 100 points each.  Hourly exams cover all lectures and the corresponding material in the textbook covered since the previous exam. The final exam covers all lectures and corresponding textbook material not covered in the previous exams.
In most cases, if you miss an exam you earn a 0. Makeup exams will be given only in extreme circumstances and if you have valid, documentable proof justifying your absence, such as a doctor's note explaining a bad illness, police report verifying a car accident or a death certificate of an immediate family member. University sponsored events away from campus, family trips out of town, and a car that wouldn't start do not qualify for makeup exams.  In the case of a valid reason that can be documented for missing an exam, you will be given a makeup exam at the end of the semester but before the final exam.  In such a case, you must contact the professor as soon as possible after missing the exam. The format of  makeup exams is essay and short answer.
During the semester there will be opportunities during class to earn extra credit by answering questions based on the last several lectures.

Incomplete and extensions are not given in this course.

Also you are required to visit this site DO's and DON'Ts

For Fully Online Modality. Exams: This course does not make use of exams or tests for the evaluations of students rather students’ performance in the course is determined by the individual accomplishments and performance based on abilities acquired and research essays. The course is divided into sections, corresponding to natural groupings of the topics covered in class. These divisions also correspond to the presentation of the topics in the textbook. Every unit contains an ASSIGNMENT consisting of a set of abilities (a list of competencies) that the student should have acquired by doing the specified activities. Performance in the abilities will count 40 percent towards the final grade. Assignments are regarded as  individual effort and are to be done individually.  Assignments should be submitted electronically using the form provided at specified dates and are expected to be in depth (detailed answers); they should be submitted at any time but not later than the dates specified in the syllabus. Late submission of the abilities will incur in a penalty of reducing 5 points of the grade for every week being late. An example of the abilities is given here, and it is highly recommended that you view it as soon as possible.

Assignments and essays should be submitted electronically. DON'T send your work more than one time. DO check the classroll in the data base page of the website periodically. Grades will be posted within the following 8-10 days. Acknowledge of receipt of your work will be posted immediately and mark with an X in the corresponding column. The X will be replaced with the grade as soon as available. It is your responsibility to check with me if you did not receive it.

Work not completed is assigned the grade of 0. Any student missing a deadline must contact me the day before to explain the reason for the absence; verification will be required. You can always reach me by e-mail. If you do not contact me before the day before the due date, you will not be eligible for an extension.

Grades will be posted in the grade roll as soon as available (usually the following week).

Incompletes and extensions are not given in this course.

Also you are required to visit this site DO's and DON'Ts

Assignments (List of Abilities) are expected by the following dates and times:

Missing work is considered as not submitted.