Week 4, 9/19-9/25:

Reading Assignment:  Chapter 3
Earth Resources Through History


Unit (Chapter) Plan:
(unit topics)
(things you must do)
Abilities Acquired 
(what you learned)

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Visit this web site: CNN to check for current news on the World Resources


Contents (topics):

Resources of Antiquity
From Rome to Renaissance Global Exploration and Colonialism
Global Exploration and Colonialism
Humans and Metals:The California Gold Rush
Modern Trends in Resource Usage
Global Distribution and International Flow of Resources

Study Aid: Click here for a list of bullet points to help you learn the topics of this chapter.

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Activities (things you must do):
Read Chapter three of your textbook
For a more simplistic model visit this site <http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/aso/tryit/tectonics>
Enhance you understanding of Fuild Inclusions, visit this site: <http://www.fittulsa.com>
Click here <http://www.gi.alaska.edu/ScienceForum/ASF6/658.html> read about placer deposits in Alaska
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Abilities Acquired (what you learned):

By the end of this chapter you should be able to:
1.- Briefly describe the origins of OPEC
2.- Discuss OPEC and the control of world oil prices
3.- Briefly describe the  DeBeers syndicate  and the control of the diamond market: Who formed the DeBeers organization?
4.- Summirize the Industrial Revolution
5.- Explain the origins of the steel industry
6.- Discuss colonialism and the search for resources
7.- Summirize the role of cartels in world mineral resources
8.- Describe the changing nature of man's use of metals
9.-  Explain the growing American dependence on foreign mineral resources
10.- Identify the earliest metals used, and why where thet used?
11.- Explain the Treaty of Tordesilla, and what lasting impact has it left on the Americas?
12.- Explain how the Industrial Revolution changed the nature of mineral resource usage
13.- Explain why OPEC was formed: How successful has OPEC been in influencing world oil prices?
14.- Identify CIPEC: What mineral commodity does CIPEC seek to control
15.- List the first two metals that are believed to have been used by humankind
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